June 18th, 2017
Adventure in Langkawi, Malaysia

Words and images: Hippie in Heels

Langkawi is a small island that packs a punch. There is so much to do here and the activities are relatively affordable; so much so you could probably budget in doing something adventurous every day of your trip. Forget about boredom in Langkawi.


First and foremost, Langkawi is a natural beauty. White-sand beaches and emerald rice paddies border tropical forests, which are filled with glistening waterfalls and cheeky monkeys!  For those who want for a little more excitement than lounging on the beach or strolling through nature, however, there is a lot more on offer; from romantic hotels to great local food and adventurous actives. Here are some of Langkawi’s best offering!

  1.  Skycab and SkyBridge


These are fairly new to Langkawi and is definitely the biggest tourist attraction here, so maybe get this done at the beginning of your trip. This cable car is the longest single rope cable car in the world at a staggering 950 meters. The views are insane. At the top, you can look out over the bridge for even more killer views. Definitely splurge out for the glass-bottom cable car.

  1. Mangrove Tour


You have to do a tour of the mangroves while in Langkawi because they are such a part of this island. It’s fantastic to learn about how important Mangroves are to our ecosystem. There are various tours, but take one that includes Mangrove Fish Farm, Long Beach (bring a swimsuit) and also the bat caves.

  1. Four Wheeler Waterfall Tour


Head out into the mix of jungle and paddy fields in a 4-wheeler. You can go a little wild and go through low parts of rivers or keep it simple. You will see rubber trees and awesome waterfalls.

  1. Jet Ski Island Tour

jetskiThis is the BEST tour in Langkawi! You must rent jet skis and have a guide take you around all the island peaks that are sunk into the ocean. It looks just like Thailand (you are pretty darn close!). Most go to around 5-10 islands.


There is a lot more like parasailing, trying crazy local foods, and go-karting. You can hire tours at various offices around town. Langkawi is a very small island so it is good to shop around. Rent a scooter so you can easily go from place to place. Make sure to pack mosquito spray and sunblock so you’re prepared for this fun in the sun.

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