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6 Must-Do Experiences in Galle, Sri Lanka  
March 1, 2022

No visit to the ‘Teardrop of India’ is complete without exploring the gorgeous coastal city of Galle – and these are its most unmissable experiences. Sitting pretty on the southwest coast, Galle is a breathtaking jewel in the crown of Sri Lanka. Its mostly car-free streets are dotted with UNESCO World Heritage-listed sites, Dutch colonial […]

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Seas the Day: The Six Best Beaches in Sri Lanka
May 8, 2023

Surf on lush blue waves, dive with dolphins and snorkel over coral gardens – Sri Lanka’s pristine palm-fringed beaches are sure to wow.  Garlanded by the glistening blue waters of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka’s 1340-kilometre-long coastline hugs the island country. Blessed with watersport thrills, hidden coves and bewitching bays, Sri Lanka’s scenic seascapes lure […]

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Surf's Up: The World's Best Destinations for Surfing & Scuba Diving 
June 13, 2023

Hang ten and deep dive into the ultimate aquatic adventure: these are the world's best surfing and scuba destinations.   From the captivating swells of Bali to conquering Hawaii's iconic Pipeline and immersing yourself in Cape Town's vibrant surf culture, the bucket list for lovers of surfing and diving is endless. If you think it’s magical […]

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The Top 6 Best Restaurants In Sri Lanka & Their Must-Try Dishes 
September 18, 2023

Sri Lanka’s magic explodes through its sizzling seafood curries flash-tempered with aromatic spices and served in some of the country’s best restaurants.  From curries, kottu rotis to hoppers – Sri Lanka trumps as a flavour-filled destination that should be on every seafood lover’s itinerary. Sharing a close affinity to South Indian cuisine and staying true […]

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