Inspiration Itineraries 7 Reasons a Food Tour is The Best (and Most Delicious) Way to Travel 

7 Reasons a Food Tour is The Best (and Most Delicious) Way to Travel 

A food market at night in Fez, Morocco, a great destination to take a food tour - Luxury Escapes.

Discover the world's greatest flavours from the spiced and fragrant to the rich and hearty on a food tour.

One key part of exploring any new country is through their culinary traditions. From pintxos and Basque cider in the bars of San Sebastian, to streetside noodles in Hanoi, there’s so much to learn about how different cultures eat and drink. A food tour presents the perfect way to dive straight into a new country, discovering new tastes, techniques and traditions along the way. Here are just seven reasons why a food tour is the best way to travel.  

1. Learn about culinary traditions  

So much of a country’s culture is intertwined with their food and drink. Any food tour is bound to leave you with not only a full belly, but a fresh insight into the how, what, who, where and why the locals eat. From street food and Michelin stars in Vietnam, to private tastings at award-winning cellars in South Africa, you’ll learn about the specific methods, ingredients and techniques locals use to bring their delicious dishes and drinks to life.  

2. Taste something new  

When was the last time you truly tried something new? New countries mean new flavours to try, whether it be harira soups in Marrakesh, oiri in Takamatsu, or arrack and kottu in Kandy. A food tour is the perfect time to step outside of your culinary comfort zone, discovering delicacies that may challenge or captivate your palate. While certain dishes – like guinea pig in Peru or fugu (pufferfish) in Osaka – may not initially appeal, there’s a reason they are local favourites, and you never know - you may find a new favourite!

Local markets are a fantastic way to sample a new texture or taste, without committing to a full dish. A feast for the senses, fresh food markets are often a key part of any food tour, showing you firsthand how the locals shop and what they eat. See, smell, touch and taste your way through, sampling sushi in Tokyo’s Tsukiji Outer Market, lampredotto in Florence’s Mercato Centrale, or sweet dates in the medinas of Morocco.

3. Eat as the locals do off the beaten track  

When was the last time you reviewed your local neighbourhood restaurant on Tripadvisor or Google? While online reviews can help guide you to well-trodden spots, it’s the hidden gems that you really want to visit. A food tour is a great way to discover such places, with itineraries that skip the tourist traps and have you rubbing shoulders with locals instead. Some tours truly go off the beaten track, extending beyond cities themselves to offer once-in-a-lifetime culinary experiences – venture out to the desert for an Arabian dinner at a Bedouin camp, or travel through the rolling hills of Tuscany for a private wine tasting at Barone Ricasoli, Italy’s oldest continuously operated winery.  

4. Maximise travel time 

Food tours may be focussed on eating and drinking, but they’re also a great way to get to know a new place. Follow your guide through laneways or along promenades and you’ll pick up useful local tips on getting around, key landmarks, helpful phrases and in some cases, the etiquette around eating and drinking. In most cases, tours tend to cover a lot of ground, so you’ll inevitably end up walking through beautiful neighbourhoods, historical precincts or city centres, perfect for those short on time! 

5. Snap up that hot-ticket reservation  

Forget queuing or battling reservation systems to snap up a table at a street food stall or Michelin-starred restaurant – food tours are your ticket to the hottest tables in town, with in-the-know guides securing your spot night after night. Take to Tuscany to dine at the one-Michelin-star Borgo San Jacopo, or hop to Ho Chi Minh City to visit Anan Saigon, holder of the city’s first and only Michelin star.  

6. Take home a new skill  

Food tours aren’t just about eating – itineraries can include unique experiences like cooking classes, the ultimate souvenir to take home with you. Join a local fisherman in his home to learn how they prepare their fresh catch, or try your hand at rolling, kneading and chopping udon noodles under the watchful eye of a noodle master, before tasting the fruits of your labour over lunch. Pack a new skill in your suitcase with oyster shucking sessions or develop a new appreciation for the art of winemaking with a class and tasting.  

7. Learn from the experts  

Discovering a new country is one thing, but seeing it through the eyes of a culinary expert elevates it to a whole new level. From food critics to chefs, some of the best in the food business are on hand to guide your gourmet adventure, sharing their top tips across your country of choice. From pavement to penthouse, farms to fishing boats and medinas to mountains, expect a voyage like no other.  

Looking for culinary experiences a little closer to home? Discover our chef-approved restaurants in Western Australia.  

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Yet another Aussie in London, Emily spends her days dreaming and writing about food, while planning her next European adventure. If not eating, she can often be found at the gym, or exploring the latest and greatest in London.

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