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7 Things Not to Miss in New York’s NoMad Neighborhood
August 31, 2021

A vibrant pocket of historic buildings, world-class hotels and thriving nightlife, New York’s NoMad neighborhood embodies everything that makes the city great.  New York’s NoMad neighborhood (North of Madison Square Park) is a hub of activity. Tourists and locals alike flock to its historic streets to visit the quirky museums, heritage buildings, upmarket restaurants and buzzing bars.  From trying to keep face while perusing the daring […]

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Carefree Luxury Escapes USA: Why New York is a Top Honeymoon Destination
December 6, 2021

There’s something about New York that makes it perfect for a honeymoon. Bright lights, bustling avenues and a thrum of eight million heartbeats... this concrete jungle (where dreams are made) has its unique brand of enchantment. The city has a distinct feel that if you can dream it, it can happen. And while romantics may […]

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The Most Historic Hotels in New York City  
January 19, 2022

Step back in time when you stay in the most charismatic and historical hotels in New York City.  The Big Apple of today is the epitome of modernity with its shiny silver high-rises, flashing billboards and unparalleled culinary scene. You might think there’s nothing left for history buffs to explore, but that couldn’t be further from […]

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Best New York City Hotels for Rooftop Views
May 2, 2022

Elevate your Big Apple adventure with a hotel stay offering million-dollar views. Welcome to The Big Apple, The City that Never Sleeps, The Empire State. New York City is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating and vibrant cities in the world – the problem facing many visitors is just how to cram as much as […]

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New York City Hotels to Escape the Buzz
May 19, 2022

For a city that supposedly never sleeps, New York City is home to an abundance of top-notch relaxing hotels.  New York City is a thriving metropolis with non-stop action, noise and excitement. Car horns blare, bright lights sparkle and travellers bounce from sight to sight, from the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State Building, […]

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Feel Welcomed at the Best Boutique Hotels in New York City 
June 21, 2022

Sometimes all you need is a quiet room with lots of character, and you’ll find this at the best boutique hotels in New York City.  New York is bursting at the seams with modern high-rises and trendy hotels. Yet it’s once you scratch beneath the shiny surface that you find some boutique hotel gems that […]

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New York City’s Best Hidden Bars & Under-the-Radar Restaurants 
October 5, 2022

Under the flashy facade of the Big Apple's dining scene lies an alluring secret – the hidden New York bars, secret kitchens and concealed restaurants only visible to those in the know. ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ is an adage to remember when discovering concealed New York bars and hidden restaurants in the […]

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Ultra Lux A to Z: The World's Most Luxurious Hotel Brands 
June 22, 2023

From the legendary A-list havens of Waldorf Astoria to the modern luxe of Nobu lifestyle hotels, uncover the unique signatures of the world's finest hotel brands. No two travellers are the same – which is something the world’s best hotel brands are here to celebrate. While some emphasise wellness, others highlight epicurean adventures or remarkable, […]

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Shoot for the Stars: USA’s Award-Winning Michelin Restaurants
July 1, 2023

Many holiday highlights happen over a good meal, and there’s nothing better than a special meal at an award-winning, highly acclaimed restaurant. In the USA, over 200 Michelin-starred restaurants are waiting to welcome you; with everything from steak and sushi to what can only be described as edible art on offer. From Miami’s culinary magic, […]

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