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Yasawa Island Resort & Spa: Could This Be the Most Romantic Resort in Fiji?

August 3, 2023

Picture adults-only indulgence, secluded bures and 11 private, white-sand beaches – welcome to Yasawa Island. Welcome to paradise. 

Just a 30-minute scenic flight from Nadi is one of Fiji's most serene luxury resorts: Yasawa Island Resort & Spa. Here is where island dreams come true, the weather is always incredible, and 18 intimate luxury bures offer unparalleled views of turquoise waves. 

From the luscious shores of Lovers’ Beach to the perfect pearly sands of Paradise Beach – life really is as good as it sounds at Yasawa Island Resort & Spa. Whether you're heading off on honeymoon, planning a proposal or simply seeking a luxury bolthole for two, here are five reasons why this dreamy resort should be top of your list for a romantic couple's escape.

Ready to say goodbye to day-to-day life and find a little slice of heaven? Book your beachfront bure at Yasawa Island Resort & Spa and discover why it’s one of Fiji’s most prized islands.  

You can discover the romance of beachfront bure living  

Savour your morning brew and fresh tropical fruits while watching the waves roll into the shore, or sip refreshing cocktails as the sun dips below the horizon and the sky turns apricot – all from the comfort of your private bure. Yasawa Island Resort & Spa is an intimate beachfront collection that spans 18 secluded bures, ranging from sophisticated suites to spacious multi-bedroom spaces. Each bure showcases traditional thatched roofing and a modern-meets-bohemian interior style, boasting furnished terraces, beachfront decks and private infinity pools. 

You can enjoy world-class dining in unexpected locations   

Along with the al fresco restaurant serving fresher-than-fresh seafood hand-delivered by a local fisherman and paired with seasonal, regional ingredients, the island offers endless opportunities for a romantic dinner for two. Make things a little more intimate and enjoy a gastronomic experience from the comfort of your bure or along the coast’s pearly sands with a private dinner, just metres from the breaking waves. Turn up the romance with an idyllic picnic on one of the island’s many beaches, from the aptly named Lovers’ Beach to the sparkling Champagne Beach. At the end of days spent in this perfect paradise, treat yourself to a delicious nightcap mixed by Yasawa’s head barman and cocktail enthusiast, Manasa. Bula! 

You can add an element of adventure  

Though many venture to the beyond-breathtaking shores of Yasawa Island to relax, there's a host of activities to satiate the more adventurous type. A gentle paddle in the turquoise shallows is the island’s ideal form of rejuvenation, or for something a little more adrenaline-inducing, scuba diving allows for a new world of wonder just under the surface. Join a tranquil excursion to the picturesque Blue Lagoon Caves or stay within the resort’s bountiful bounds to enjoy cultural cooking classes, lovos (Fijian feasts), evening Mekes (dance ceremonies) and even traditional Fijian kava ceremonies.   

You can indulge in heavenly beachfront spa experiences

Still not relaxed? A massage along the beachfront will surely sweeten the deal. Pay a visit to Fiji’s first beachfront spa, The Baravi Spa, for uninterrupted ocean views and treatments tailored to maximise rejuvenation. Named after the Fijian word for beach, the spa invites you to reach new heights of tranquility, as masseuses work their magic kneading out knots from top to toe. Luxurious facials, wraps and scrubs will leave you with a complexion to rival the sparkling coastal backdrop. Entrust your fingers and toes with experienced nail artists who will look after your manicure and pedicure while you're naturally fanned by the fresh sea breeze. 

Fiji’s best weather can be found here 

Just off the coast of Nadi, Yasawa Island claims the sunniest and driest spot in Fiji, with dreamy tropical weather year-round. Spanning 22km, Yasawa Island Resort & Spa is the lengthiest development on the island, allowing the property to be simultaneously expansive and exclusive. With 11 private beaches to choose from, you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a spot to bask in the balmy temperatures.

Book your Yasawa Island & Spa experience here.

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