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6 Reasons OUTRIGGER Fiji Beach Resort Should Be Your Next Family Holiday  

April 18, 2023

A paradise lagoon, child-friendly pool and a kids’ club little ones can’t get enough of – Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort has the perfect recipe for family fun. 

Not many resorts achieve that rare equilibrium of relaxation for grown-ups and endless fun for little ones, but OUTRIGGER Fiji Beach Resort is certainly one of them. Located on the beautiful Coral Coast in the south of Viti Levu, Fiji’s main island, this family-friendly haven is thoughtfully designed to ensure a memorable escape for all.  

The resort layout is akin to a Fijian village: look out from the elevated reception area and you’ll spot traditional thatched bures amid leafy pathways, blooming tropical flowers and ponds dotted with lily pads. Here, amid the undulating paths, is the setting for an unforgettable family escape – where the welcome is warm, the cocktails are cold and the kids’ club is second to none.  

1. The beach is perfect for little ones  

The beach at Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort, a great place for families - Luxury Escapes
Beachfront at Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort.

Picture the most paradise-perfect sands, a fluorite lagoon beneath the lilac hues of the setting sun and gently fluttering palms – this is your beachfront playground at OUTRIGGER Fiji Beach Resort. The shallow, tepid waters here are perfect for toddler paddling. Bear in mind there is coral underfoot, but when the tide draws back, a sandbar appears, enabling youngsters to venture further out. The resort’s Meimei nannies can often be seen down here, tending to their charges as they splash happily in the crystalline waters into the balmy dusk.  

2. Everyone is warm and welcoming  

Hanging out in nature at one of Fiji's best resorts for families, Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort - Luxury Escapes
In Nature, OUTRIGGER Fiji Beach Resort.

The most important part of a family holiday is that members of all ages feel welcome and at ease, and that’s achieved with aplomb at OUTRIGGER Fiji. You’ll be met with a warm smile and a heartfelt ‘bula!’ from every staff member you come across, with many greeting you by name. It’s a passion that feels genuine, as well: there is no textbook hospitality here. From the fragrant frangipani tucked behind each ear to the enthusiastic high-fives proffered to the children, everything about these beautiful people radiates from the heart. 

3. The Coral Kids' Club and Meimei nanny service is awesome 

Fiji is famed for its child-centric resorts, and you probably couldn’t choose a better place for a family-friendly escape. OUTRIGGER Fiji Beach Resort excels in this arena: the Coral Kids' Club is available daily for ages three to 12, there are activities for teens and, for a surcharge, the resort’s Meimei nannies can provide care for children six months and older. You can rest in the knowledge that your little ones are well cared for and enjoying themselves with endless activities and experiences. It also gives parents a much-needed chance to reconnect and relax, whether that’s with a spa treatment, a chat over a cocktail or a quiet, child-free lunch.  

4. Everything you need is onsite  

The Bebe Spa at Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort, a family favourite - Luxury Escapes
The hilltop Bebe Spa.

Whether you’re in need of medical supplies, snacks for a fussy toddler, loud tropical shirts for the whole family or an oversized flamingo floatie, you’ll likely find what you need at the resort’s onsite boutiques. There’s a fitness centre and a blissful hilltop spa for Mum and Dad, and several restaurants to choose from – including laidback poolside dining for fuss-free family feeding times, plus adults-only luxury while the kids are cared for.  

5. Little ones can learn about Fijian culture and the surrounding environment 

Cultural enrichment is one of the greatest gifts we can afford our children through travel. From traditional Fijian firewalking ceremonies to leaf-weaving, woodcarving and coral-planting, there are myriad opportunities to learn about Fiji’s local customs and environment at the resort. The Coral Kids' Club also invites youngsters to experience all things Fijian, from getting a taste of the language to spear-throwing and local crafts. Head around to the watersport desk to peruse a museum-like array of seashells found in the lagoon, which starry-eyed little ones can touch and admire. 

6. The pools are child (and parent) friendly  

Pool at Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort, a family resort - Luxury Escapes
The outdoor pool.

At the heart of the resort is a lagoon pool where families converge daily for splashy fun in the sun. It’s been thoughtfully designed for all ages: away from the depths of the main area with its swimming lanes and morning activities are plentiful shallow spots for babies and young children to potter in and play. A winding river leads under a bridge to another wading area that’s perfect for toddlers to paddle in, while parents can lounge on sunbeds nearby. In need of some tranquility? While the little ones are busy at the kids’ club, swing by the peaceful adults-only pool for a tropical cocktail at the swim-up bar.  

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