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5 Reasons to See Japan on a Tour

March 20, 2024
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Shrines, skyscrapers, Shinkansen and sake – do it all worry-free with the help of a curated itinerary.

Beckoning the international traveller with its blend of ancient tradition and modernity, Japan has claimed gold as the 'Best Country in the World' according to the Conde Nast Traveller’s 2023 Readers’ Choice Awards. From foodie trails through Osaka to the serene temples of Kyoto, or the soaring heights of Tokyo’s metropolis to Mount Fuji, there's a multitude of experiences to please every explorer. And to get the most out of the Land of the Rising Sun, opt for a tour. Why, you ask? Keep on reading.

1. You'll have the expertise of a local who speaks the language

Just as you know the secrets of your own hometown, your local Japanese guide knows theirs. Navigating the busy streets of Tokyo or the historic lanes of Kyoto, your guide will not just cover widely known historical facts but help you understand the nuances that define each locality and attraction.

Fluent in the language and equipped with local insight, your guide is your cultural compass, adding a layer of perspective that may otherwise be missed. Get to know your guide and what makes each place unique as you go beyond the tourist hotspots.

2. You'll access insider experiences not available to the general public  

From sake tastings with local brewers, to washi paper-making at a family-owned workshop or taiko drum lessons – a tour can unveil a world hidden from the casual observer. Discover the quiet gardens of Kenroku-en for front-row seats to the spring blossoms, or the steamy geothermal valley of Owakudani, home to a centuries-old black egg boiling technique. 

Through exclusive experiences arranged by a tour company that’s combed the land and built local relationships, discover Japan's depth and authenticity and transform your holiday into a treasured memory. Take the road less travelled and see Japan in a way that's simply unattainable without insider access. 

3. It's the easiest way to tackle all the iconic sights in one trip

Trying to navigate through a land where you don’t speak the language can take the fun out of travelling. But with a guide who knows the Tokyo subway system like the back of their hand and a driver to get you from Kanazawa to Kyoto on time, you’re free to lose yourself in the thrumming crowds of Shibuya Crossing and make the pilgrimage through Fushimi Inari’s torii gates at your own pace. Don’t worry what time you need to catch the bullet train from Hachinohe to Mount Fuji or how much it will cost – your tour has it all sorted. 

4. You'll taste incredible food with those in-the-know

Japan is a gastronomic wonderland, and navigating its cuisine can be both intoxicating and overwhelming. Think of a tour as your culinary concierge, leading you among some of the hidden gems and local haunts that define Japanese cuisine. Wander the vibrant street food markets of Osaka, savour the buttery texture of Kobe beef, dine sumo-style with a chanko nabe hot pot and try your hand at rolling udon noodles.

Imagine stepping into a tiny izakaya to sample dishes hand-selected by the chef just for you. Expect bold broths, toothsome noodles, delicate desserts and earthy matcha that will have you uttering ‘itadakimasu’ with gusto before each meal. With each bite, polish your umami senses and meditate on the art of Japanese culinary perfection.

5. Even the journey is an experience

In Japan, the route is as enchanting as the destination. Influencing public transport across the globe for more than 50 years, the Shinkansen – known in English as the 'bullet train' – will not just get you from point A to B, it'll offer you incredible views at speeds of up to 300 kilometres-per-hour. As you zip across the country, partake in the long-standing tradition of ekiben, a boxed meal crafted specially for in-carriage consumption, sometimes even presented in a take-home souvenir box.

Whether you're speeding through the countryside on rails, cruising along scenic rivers or navigating the intricate web of underground Tokyo, every mode of transport offers a unique adventure. These moments, often overlooked during stressful self-guided travel, become joys themselves, offering a chance to appreciate the country’s diverse geography.

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