Inspiration Asia How to Holiday Like a VIP (For Less)

How to Holiday Like a VIP (For Less)

June 18, 2024
Atlantis The Royal, Dubai, one of the luxury hotels where you can holiday like a VIP for less - Luxury Escapes

From travelling off-peak to splitting the cost of an epic villa, these savvy travel tips allow you to experience ultra luxury without spending big bucks.

If you’re a lover of the finer things in life but have a budget to stick to, there are a number of clever ways to maximise your indulgence without paying top dollar. Plan the perfect escape and travel in unrivalled style with our insider tips: because you didn’t choose the VIP life, the VIP life chose you.

Travel off-peak & stay at the world’s most luxurious hotels for less

The easiest way to take your next trip to a new level is to book outside peak season. It may seem obvious, but organising your bucket-list escape for the height of Spanish summer or Hawaii’s hot season might blow out your budget. Luckily, the world’s most desirable destinations – and their most luxurious hotels – are often open year-round, with increased availability and prices to tempt the off-peak traveller. By pushing your dates a few weeks, avoiding school holidays or saving your summer sojourn for the quieter months of autumn, your ‘too-good-to-be-true’ ultra-lux options – and the promise of crowd-free enjoyment – are suddenly within reach.

Score an upgrade & bonus inclusions by joining a VIP Travel Club

Frequent flyers and avid globe-hoppers know all the tricks for minimising spend and maximising experience: and here's a brand new one, hot off the press. Luxury Escapes’ new VIP Travel Club, LuxPlus+, promises year-round, members-only benefits for those in-the-know. With savings from the moment you sign up, you'll access exclusive member-only offers, room upgrades, complimentary hotel credit, additional savings on Limited Time Lux Exclusive offers and more. Want to be part of the club? Find out more here.

Members can save $200+ on JA Manafaru, Maldives

Live the high life with helicopter transfers & fine dining

One of the best ways to amp up your next adventure is to focus on experiences. If you secure a great rate for your accommodation, you can draw on the extra budget to book in some truly unforgettable travel moments. Perhaps you’ll arrive via exclusive helicopter transfer, reserve a table at your dream fine-dining establishment or leave it all on the table with a proper pampering at the spa. Browse luxury experiences for less here.

Find an epic villa & split the cost with family & friends

If you want to squeeze a bit more luxury out of your next holiday, teaming up with your nearest and dearest is a great way to split the expense. Not only a clever cost-saving measure, your shared vacation is the perfect chance to spend quality time with your loved ones in paradise. With a plethora of spacious homes and breathtaking villas to consider, you can lock in the most awe-inspiring tropical escapes and countryside havens for the whole crew at affordable rates, with room, and budget, to spare.

Book an airline lounge (or request it as a gift)

Image of premium drinks at an airport lounge, one way to travel like a VIP for less - Luxury Escapes
The House by Aspire Lounge, Sydney International Airport

All too often, the act of travelling is treated as a means to a beachside end. However, for those seeking to make the most of every moment, your time in transit can become a holiday highlight with access to the comfort and class of an airline lounge.

A la carte dining with waiter service, barista coffee and stylish amenities to refresh ahead of your flight are just some of the perks available during your time in a lounge. Whether you treat yourself to sophistication or drop some heavy hints for a well-timed birthday voucher, wedding present or unique Christmas gift, your airport lounge experience can set the tone for a spectacular adventure ahead – and an easier return to reality on your way home.

Feature image: Atlantis The Royal, Dubai.

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