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Things to Do in Oman: 5 Unmissable Adventures

August 4, 2022

From sparkling wadis to endless museums – here’s your ultimate itinerary of things to do in Oman. 

Oman (known also as the Sultanate of Oman), is a Middle Eastern gem that mesmerises you with its gorgeous rolling valleys, rich history, striking architecture and endless beaches. The number of unforgettable things to do here may surprise you. Whether you’re discovering Al Said, one of the largest super yachts in the world owned by the Sultan, an ethereal mosque made to honour an ancient family, or a museum that entertains you with tales of the past – Oman will keep you gripped until the end.  

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Visit the architectural wonder, Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque 

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

An absolute delight to explore is the magnificent edifice and the pride of Oman – Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat. It is the largest mosque in Oman and one of the grandest mosques in the world, which will astound you with its exquisite interiors.  

Home to the world’s largest chandelier (featuring 600,000 Swarovski crystals and 24-carat gold plating) and colourful mosaics, it is a true wonder to behold. Also well worth a look are the immaculate gardens that surround it, which you can meander through while exploring this Arabian icon. Open to people of all religions, this mosque enthrals you with its beauty that has been crafted with precision over six years.  

Glamping in the Oman Desert 

Glamping lovers will be delighted to experience desert life up-close. Choose to set up camp in the enchanting Wahiba Sands or the awe-inspiring Hajar Mountains. Expect the best of facilities in your tents (pure luxury amid the desert), a campfire for you to enjoy the evenings under the stars and cuisine ranging from the best of Mediterranean delights to African palate-pleasers. While you enjoy the old ways of Arab life, you can add a dash of excitement with activities like camel riding, sandboarding, dune driving and more. 

Explore ancient watch towers, forts, villages immersed in history and many more exciting sites. When discovering Oman, it doesn’t get better than glamping. 

Go museum-hopping 

National Museum of Oman, Muscat

A treasure trove of museums awaits in Oman. Learn about the country’s rich history and culture while visiting various museums that tell the story of its past and how it’s evolved. Visit The Museum of the Land of Frankincense to learn about maritime heritage. The importance of trade relations is depicted beautifully through archaeological evidence in this iconic museum.  

Continue to enlighten yourself on Oman’s history by learning about French relations in the Omani French Museum. Discover the various currencies that the country has seen over the years in the Currency Museum in the Central Bank of Oman and immerse yourself in cultural heritage at the National Museum of Oman, which has 14 galleries with over 5,000 objects to admire. 

Explore Wadi Ash Shab 

Wadi Ash Shab

Wadi Ash Shab will enchant you with a unique hiking experience across the canyon, complete with warm cerulean pools and a hidden waterfall. A short two-hour drive from Muscat, the wadi is one of the most visited spots of Oman.  

Begin your exploration with a short boat ride across the river, inviting you to take in the scenic beauty of this canyon. Then, your hike begins over ancient boulders and steep slopes, giving you the perfect workout before a refreshing swim in the shimmering pools. The most exciting part? The waterfall in a cave at the end of one of the pools. Swim your way across to witness the wadi’s well-kept secret, where water cascades down solid walls and gives you the perfect picture opportunity. 

It’s a difficult hike, so wear your most comfortable clothes, the right pair of shoes and fill those water bottles up.    

Visit the Royal Opera House 

The Royal Opera House, Muscat

All music and culture lovers must make a stop at the magnificent Royal Opera House Muscat – Sultan Qaboos’ personal favourite. The centre of all forms of art and culture in Oman, the venue hosts some stunning performances here in the months from September to June. Operas are the showstoppers, but the ballet performances, musicals and dance shows are also a delight to behold – as are the musical wonders of the Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra. Apart from entertainment, the architecture will blow your mind: a subtle mix of traditional and contemporary, the marble and Omani desert rose stone stand out like no other building on the street. The elegant interiors make you feel like royalty and the crystal chandeliers light it up like the Rockefeller Christmas tree. 

Keep in mind there is a formal dress code and tickets are limited, so bookings must be made well in advance.     

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