Inspiration Destinations Thailand Exploring Bangkok’s Nightlife: Bangkok’s Best Nightclubs 

Exploring Bangkok’s Nightlife: Bangkok’s Best Nightclubs 

August 4, 2022

If you’re after colourful nightlife, look no further than Bangkok, Thailand’s very own city that doesn’t sleep. 

As one of the busiest and most bustling cities in Thailand, Bangkok is known for its wild nightlife and endless events at all hours of the day. Luckily for those who like to let loose by partying, Bangkok’s nightlife is one of the best in the world. When the sun sets over the horizon of the city, bright lights and colourful neon can be seen, wafting scents of Thai food from street vendors dance on the breeze, and booming music mixed with the sounds of excited crowds can be heard. With new bars and clubs opening up daily, one could never run out of exhilarating things to do at night in this city. Read on to discover the best nightclubs in Bangkok.  

Sing Sing Theater 

Located right in the city centre with free entry, Sing Sing Theater has risen to the top of Bangkok’s exclusive nightlife scene and is regarded as one of the best clubs in the entire city. Devised by the famous designer Ashley Sutton, Sing Sing Theater looks like an old-school Chinese opera house and transports visitors into another world. Sing Sing attracts everyone from tourists to expats, locals and high-end luxury guests. With a lineup of DJs, spinning anything from electronic dance music to hip-hop to nu-disco, this nightclub creates an astonishing atmosphere of fun-loving partying that goes well into the night.  

Sing Sing Theatre also has a secret party room on the third floor that overlooks the rest of the nightclub. Through a secret entrance, staff will escort guests to this exclusive room that has its own bar. With a small hidden balcony that oversees the rest of the club, this top-secret luxury room is the perfect place for a private party – to be reserved in advance.   

Space Plus Bangkok 

Space Plus is Bangkok’s new mega club that transports patrons out of this world. This electrifying nightclub is designed to look like the inside of a spaceship, with lasers darting around, LED features and spotlights. On the third floor, Space Plus boasts a gigantic hall with a dance floor, standing tables and VIP tables. The U-shape of the hall and the sheer size of the space allows for over 2,000 guests to have the night of their lives. Designed to feel like a music festival every night, Space Plus boasts lineups of DJs that will rock the world of anyone who steps inside. The demographic of Space Plus consists of influencers, models, fashionable locals and high-end tourists looking for fun.  

DEMO Bangkok 

Within the Thonglor neighbourhood is DEMO Bangkok, one of the most admired and popular clubs in the entire city. DEMO Bangkok boasts two rooms, one room with electronic dance music and another smaller room with hip-hop music. Within a warehouse, this club gives off a stylish industrial vibe, with exposed brick, graffiti and metal beams throughout. DEMO Bangkok is comparatively small to the other nightclubs in the city, and therefore is jam-packed almost every night due to its popularity. It is a good idea to book a table in advance or arrive early to get one. As well, DEMO Bangkok’s security is extremely tight, so make sure to bring your passport. Entrance is free for locals, however this club has a reputation for charging tourists at the door.  

BEAM Bangkok 

Residing in the heart of Thonglor is BEAM. This exclusive nightclub features two storeys, each with their own design and type of music. With a dance floor on each level, BEAM has become a staple in nightclub entertainment and dancing in Bangkok. On the first storey, BEAM’s Dalmatian room plays deep house and techno music for those who love to rave. On the second storey, DJs spin the latest hip-hop and trap music for guests. Entrance to BEAM Bangkok is free most of the time, but when an event is on guests must pay cover fees. Tables are limited within this nightclub, so if you wish to sit, it is recommended to book one in advance.  


Barbarbar is one of Bangkok’s craziest and most exciting clubs. Featuring almost 100% electronic dance and house music, Barbarbar will keep you dancing into the late hours of the night. Barbarbar boasts a giant dance floor and frequent events with local and international DJs. Barbarbar is less expensive than most of the other bars in the Thonglor area, and therefore brings in a crowd of mostly young locals and students. Similar to DEMO Bangkok. Barbarbar will let locals in for free but charge foreigners at the door and ask them to purchase a bottle. As well, the security at Barbarbar will only accept original passports as a form of identification for people visiting from out of the country. 

What You Need to Know About Bangkok’s Nightlife: 

  • For most of the clubs in Bangkok, guests must be over 20 years old. Most clubs will accept any form of photo identification, but some clubs, like DEMO and Barbarbar, will only accept original passports.  
  • Practically every club in Bangkok has a dress code of no sandals, shorts, or tank tops. 
  • Most nightclubs in Bangkok close at two in the morning. Make sure to start early to make the most of the amazing nightlife in this city.  
  • Taxis that wait in front of clubs usually refuse to put on their metres for patrons. To combat this, just walk a few blocks away and hail a taxi there. Or, if you have Grab, you can easily call a cab from your phone.  

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