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Street Thai to Sky High: 7 Unmissable Bangkok Dining Experiences

August 21, 2023
Banyan Tree Bangkok, home to the dizzying delights of Vertigo's rooftop dining experience - Luxury Escapes

From Sunday brunch worthy of royalty to a dinner cruise full of Siamese charm – find your perfect bite in Bangkok.  

Trace the locals’ footsteps to bustling fresh food markets, and join them for the city’s best pad thai. Find a taste of the sky within the refined ambience of a rooftop grill, where the city's lights shimmer like finely poured champagne bubbles. Then follow the Michelin stars to an aquaponic garden in the heart of the city. From street eats to sky-high treats, we’re here to help you discover Bangkok’s best dining.

New heights of fine dining: Embassy Room

The Embassy Room at Park Hyatt Bangkok brings Catalan cuisine to the city in refined style - Luxury Escapes
The Embassy Room at Park Hyatt Bangkok

The Embassy Room at Park Hyatt Bangkok  has introduced the city to Catalan cuisine in its finest form. Boasting a Michelin-star-struck resume, heritage family recipes and access to Bangkok’s wealth of fine local ingredients, mastermind Chef Ferran Tadeo helms this reimagined venue. Guests can expect a meld of avant-garde experimentation and Catalonian nostalgia in the form of mouthwatering lobster wellington and a surf-and-turf paella. The restaurant also holds a 100-label strong Spanish wine menu – the most expansive of its kind in Bangkok.

Sample Bangkok’s incredible street food: Or Tor Kor Market   

Locals know Or Tor Kor Market is the go-to place for fresh fruits, vegetables and spices in the city. There is a small food centre where you can snag fresh juices and local dishes to snack on while browsing the market’s vibrant alleys. You might find yourself dwarfed by piles of plump mangoes or imported kiwis, persimmons and African apples, and you’ll be spoiled for choice with oolong teas, organic honey and every dried spice under the Siamese sun.  

Explore the farm to plate revolution: Haoma

Chef Deepanker Khosla is steadfast in his commitment to sustainable dining. With ingredients pulled from the restaurant’s own aquaponic garden, Haoma serves neo-Indian fare that looks good, tastes good and makes you feel good. Savour every bite of the two-way Phuket lobster or Bangkok to Biscay banana shrimp, knowing that it was sourced fresh, locally, and sustainably. Even the interiors echo an eco-conscious ethos – with decor made of unused plant material, it’s no wonder Haoma dons a Michelin Green Star on top of its single-Star rating.  

Go sky-high: Vertigo at Banyan Tree Bangkok  

Banyan Tree Bangkok, home to the dizzying delights of Vertigo's rooftop dining experience - Luxury Escapes
Vertigo at Banyan Tree Bangkok

Bangkok boasts one of the most expansive, mesmerising skylines in the world, so any Thai holiday would be amiss without dining above the sea of its twinkling lights. Sitting atop the glamorous Banyan Tree Bangkok is the aptly named Vertigo, which offers a dizzying sparkle of panoramic views paired with tantalising steak and seafood. Dine al fresco on the rooftop terrace and order from an international menu that includes Australian prime beef, Japanese Miyazaki tenderloin and grilled jumbo tiger prawn, any of which would be perfectly complemented with the hibiscus-infused negroni.   

Seek out authentic Thai: Thipsamai

You can’t go wrong with a simple pad thai, and for that Thipsamai has you covered. One of the most famous noodle shops in all of Bangkok, here you can sample charcoal-fired pad thai straight from the wok. Starting with shrimp, heaped on by thick rice noodles and a handful of spices, finally wrapped up in a freshly cracked egg – this small kitchen whips up a superb pad thai experience that brings locals here in droves. 

Embark on an unmissable dinner cruise: Manohra

Immerse yourself in ancient Thai design aboard an 18th-century boat. Manohra Cruises are a culinary expedition that takes place on an antique rice barge, complete with original artistry carved from teak. Bask in the river breeze as Bangkok’s leading chefs prepare traditional recipes with a contemporary twist. Sail by the Temple of Dawn and Grand Palace as you take in the city’s storied cityscape. Return to a stay at Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort to continue soaking up traditional Thai elegance.    

Savour Sunday brunch: Colonnade at The Sukhothai Bangkok

Sunday brunch at The Sukhothai Bangkok is one of the city's most lavish spreads of crab, clams, oysters and other culinary delights - Luxury Escapes
Sunday brunch at The Sukhothai Bangkok

Colonnade’s sunday brunch at The Sukhothai Bangkok is famous for an extravagant spread. Find tables stacked with ice sculptures cradling the world’s crustaceans – Alaskan king crab, Manila Clams and European oysters, all shucked fresh to order. The world’s best butter travels from France to its antipasti table, pan-fried foie gras and lobster bisque flambe spot the a la carte menu, and everything from ocean-fresh sushi to hand-rolled chocolate truffles complete the buffet. Pair all this deliciousness with the sounds of live jazz and free-flow champagne, and you have yourself a Sunday brunch well worth the wake-up call.   

Feature image: Vertigo at Banyan Tree Bangkok.

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