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Seeking Adventure: What to Do in Bali for Adrenaline Lovers 


From watersports to quad biking, discover true adventure as you explore the adrenaline-filled side of Bali. 

There’s no better place in the world to get your thrills than a tropical island paradise, and Bali fits the bill perfectly. With clean, clear oceans, rushing rivers, tall cascades and rugged cliffsides, why wouldn’t you want to visit Bali for some adrenaline-pumping fun?  

Best Blood-Pumping Activities in Bali  

Whether you want to get up high, below the waves or traverse the terrain, Bali has it all. We’ve found the island’s most heart-pumping, adrenaline-rushing activities for you so all you need to do is strap yourself in for the ride.

Quad Biking 

It’s time to get some dirt on your boots (and probably everything else you’re wearing, including your helmet) in a high-adrenaline activity that’s exhilarating, fun, educational and also a boon for nature lovers. Jump on a quad bike and roar through spectacularly scenic rural trails including fruit plantations, rice fields, authentic Balinese villages and forested areas.  

Your guide will entertain you with tales of the area’s history while pointing out landmarks and areas of interest. After two to four hours of adventure, you’ll get to relax with some perfectly-brewed coffee and delicious traditional fare while you recall your adventures. 

Cave Tubing  

Cave Tubing involves riding an inflated inner-tyre tube along a river course. In Bali, you can try cave tubing along the beautiful Pakerisan River in Tampaksiring, which will allow you to experience both rapids and calmer sections in a safe, fun manner. You’ll see the stunning natural surroundings of Ubud, remnants of Japanese colonialism and spectacular ancient caves as you wind your way downstream for up to 90 minutes.  

Your friendly guides will keep you safe while they enlighten you with information about the history and wonders of the region. A perfect activity for a medium thrill on a hot Bali day. 

Watersports & Sea Vessel Rides 

There’s no shortage of sea-based activities along the coasts of Bali and some of the more exciting ones involve high-speed boats, jet skis and sailing vessels. There’s the usual jet skiing, parasailing, wakeboarding and surfing along Bali’s beautiful beaches. Then there are a few more unique activities such as banana boating or rolling doughnut rides, flyboarding, or subwing adventures. There are tour operators who package multiple activities together, allowing you to experience a taste of everything. For those looking to try jet-skiing, try this hour-long package with sea walker, banana boat and jet ski experiences included. For flyboarding, sea-walking, parasailing or doughnut rides, try this package.   

Snorkelling, Scuba Diving & Sea Walking 

While some people may not consider the slower pace of underwater activities to be thrilling, others point out that being in an environment that contains sharks, sea snakes, fire coral, blue-ringed octopus and jellyfish, to name just a few, will thrill even the hardest adrenaline junkie. Throwing yourself into this exciting activity is truly worth it, as the coasts of Bali are a thriving ecosystem, full of beautiful fish, colourful corals, bright nudibranchs, gliding rays, spectacular sunfish, turtles and more.  

Bali’s many tour operators have highly-professional staff who will keep you safe and sound the whole time. You can safely explore this underwater wonderland by exhilarating free-diving, surface-level snorkelling, scuba diving and sea walking. For an extra thrill, you can reach the dive sites via fast boat


There aren’t many skydiving operators in Bali, but if you get the chance to partake in this jaw-clenching dropping, belly-flipping experience, you’ll also be privy to witness some of the most beautiful views in the world in Bali. Imagine recovering from the rush of free-falling thousands of feet while floating above white-sanded beaches, sapphire oceans and lush emerald jungles.  

Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, you’ll be able to experience Bali from the air on a tandem jump that you’ll remember forever. 

Theme Parks 

Theme parks are designed to get your adrenaline pumping, so they’re a must-see for those looking for the perfect family outing. Most theme parks in Bali are water-themed, so bring your swimmers and some sunscreen, and be prepared to get your thrill on by speeding down fast slides, navigating twists and turns and circling giant bowls.  

You can head to one of Bali’s most popular water parks, such as Waterbom Bali Water Park, buy a day pass to other popular parks like Finns Splash Water Park, or for the ultimate adventure, buy an all-inclusive pass to Finns that also gives you access to ten pin bowling, a trampoline park, a kids' club, spa and more. 


Paintball is not only a thrilling experience, but it’s also so much fun, great exercise and a stress-reliever too. Your heart will be pumping as you duck and weave through beautiful jungle settings and obstacle courses while dodging paint-filled pellets and trying to splatter your opponents. It’s a safe, enjoyable way to blow off steam and see some of Bali’s beautiful countryside at the same time. Some paintball experiences, like this one, include extra perks like a delicious meal and drinks, plus a swim in a luxury pool afterwards, allowing you to cool down and regale your family or friends with the strategy that helped you win.  

Discover our collection of exclusive Bali offers here.   

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