Inspiration Destinations Australia Breathtaking Broome: 6 Surprising Things to Do (Aside from Cable Beach)  

Breathtaking Broome: 6 Surprising Things to Do (Aside from Cable Beach)  


From the freshest local produce to all-inclusive resort luxury, educational Indigenous experiences and natural wonders, Broome is much more than just beachside bliss. 

We've all seen the photos of camel rides through flaming sunsets on Cable Beach, but Broome's diversity stretches far beyond this iconic experience. In dry season, this remote town is the perfect springboard to pristine natural wonders, while the wet season brings an entirely different experience of awe-inspiring thunderstorms and balmy warmth, from sunrise to sunset. Pair jaw-dropping landscapes with all-inclusive resort luxury or immerse yourself in the untouched wilderness. Spot unique local species like snubfin dolphins, cruise through ochre gorges and uncover one of the world’s oldest Indigenous art collections.

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Take in Garaanngaddim, one of the world’s greatest natural wonders 

The views of Garaanngaddim are breathtaking from every angle.

Even in the Kimberley, where incredible landscapes are found at every turn, the magnificent Garaanngaddim (Horizontal Falls) is sure to take your breath away. Don't just take our word for it – it was dubbed ‘one of the greatest natural wonders of the world’ by none other than Sir David Attenborough. Two tidal currents fiercely collide in the McLarty Range gorges, unleashing a torrent of white-water rapids that cascade through a narrow gap in the rock formations, creating a spectacle of wondrous waterfalls. For an aerial view, embark on a soaring adventure from Broome, and see the phenomena from a bird's-eye perspective. For an intimate encounter, a cruise through the Kimberley will unveil the region's majestic rock pools, abundant wildlife and unspoiled wilderness. 

Discover it for yourself with this full-day sightseeing tour.

Taste the best of Broome  

Zookeepers by Spinifex Brewing - media file
Sit and enjoy the local flavours at Zookeepers by Spinifex Brewing – image credit @peppechiacchio

With a privileged position on the edge of Asia, a plethora of tropical ingredients, and strong Indigenous influences, tiny Broome’s culinary scene punches well above its weight. Visit the 20-year-old Heritage-listed Courthouse Markets, framed by stunning gardens, and indulge in renowned locally-grown mango smoothies, sumptuously sweet honey, and Indonesian fare. For a taste of Broome brews, head to Matsos for its famous ginger beer or savour a hint of fresh fruit in a mango beer. Or rendezvous with the locals at Zookeepers by Spinifex Brewing, nestled just behind Cable Beach. Here you can find a lively holiday vibe with delectable food and a colourful cocktail and craft beer menu to match.

Connect to Country on the Dampier Peninsula  

Broome's Dampier Peninsula is a sight to behold.

Discover the culture of the Traditional Owners of the land in this area. There are endless opportunities to connect with country: spend the day with Brian Lee or reel in your own dinner using traditional fishing techniques, before cooking your bounty on an open fire. Unveil Cygnet Bay with Terry Hunter and forage for oysters on a Coast to Creek Tour, or join Bundy and his family listening to Dreamtime stories and learning the art of spear-making. 

Spot dolphins and turtles at Roebuck Bay Marine Park 

Witness the great humpback whale migration at Roebuck Bay Marine Park.

If you consider yourself an aquatic fanatic, then Roebuck Bay is your one-stop underwater paradise. Three different species of turtle, migrating humpback whales and majestic dolphins are just a few of the marine animals that call these turquoise waters home. Spot the Australian snubfin dolphin, a species only classified in 2005, as it frolics and hunts along the coast, while a mesmerising display of over half a million migratory shorebirds paints the sky above. Plunge into this aquatic cornucopia on an expert-led tour or embark on a relaxing sunset cruise where you can continue wildlife spotting while kicking back on the deck of a luxury sailing boat. 

Explore Roebuck Bay and witness 120-million-year-old dinosaur footprints with this prehistoric boat tour.

Marvel at Aboriginal artwork   

Black Stump Gallery - media file
Black Stump Gallery is a fantastic place to gaze upon local indigenous artworks

Take the chance to see some of the oldest artwork in the world, with rock art found in the Kimberley region dating back more than 40,000 years. Each ancient artwork connects generations with stories, culture and education. Today, Aboriginal art transcends boundaries, morphing into vibrant expressions that dance between tradition and modernity. See how the local people have transformed their deep connection to Country onto canvas and beyond with a visit to renowned galleries. Explore Short St Gallery for authentic glimpses into remote communities, immerse yourself in the grace of garments and jewellery made by women at Nagula Jarndu, or dive into ethereal visions of the Kimberley at Black Stump Gallery in Old Broome.

Indulge in barefoot luxury, Kimberley style   

Berkeley River Lodge - LE design file
Discover the serene luxury of Berkeley River Lodge.

When you escape to the untamed Kimberley, you can expect rugged landscapes and unparalleled isolation, but that doesn’t mean your outback stay has to compromise on luxury. There are few better ways to experience the all-encompassing grandeur of the region than with a picture-perfect villa stay at Berkeley River Lodge. Drink in breathtaking views of the sapphire bay, get the VIP treatment with exclusive plane charters and embark on an optional helicopter tour. Or choose an escape to Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa, and put wellness at the forefront with a full itinerary of spa treatments and poolside decadence, with sumptuous dining to boot.  

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