Inspiration Destinations Australia Escape to the Hinterland: Why Blackbird is the Ultimate Relaxed Byron Retreat 

Escape to the Hinterland: Why Blackbird is the Ultimate Relaxed Byron Retreat 


Need a quick escape from the day-to-day? There's nowhere dreamier than the ocean-view Blackbird, a hidden gem in Byron's hinterland.

Perched high in the hills of Byron Bay’s lush hinterland is Blackbird, an eco-luxe retreat that embodies the rejuvenating essence of the region with picturesque views and a focus on wellness.  

Once a thriving banana plantation, the site is now home to three thoughtfully designed pavilions immersed in the natural surrounds of Nightcap National Park. Just over 30 minutes from Byron Bay’s eclectic town centre and a 10-minute drive from the chilled-out vibes of Mullumbimby, Blackbird is ideal for those who want to tap into the liveliness of town but then retreat into nature’s fold.   

Kick back, relax and discover why Blackbird Byron is the ideal tranquil trip just out of Byron. 

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1. It’s an eco-luxe oasis 

When founder James Hudson arrived in Byron Bay seeking a slower pace to his Sydney life, he was drawn to the banana plantation Blackbird now sits on. The lush landscape overlooking the glistening Pacific waters seemed the perfect backdrop for the future retreat.  

The three pavilions are made from many of the materials found onsite and largely consist of glass, wood and steel for a simple, yet contemporary look. While guests have the luxury of seclusion, there’s no lack of modern comforts including air-conditioning, a kitchenette and TV in each of the private, self-contained spaces.

2. Each pavilion boasts Pacific Ocean views 

Whether you’re venturing into the water for a swim, a surf, or to simply take in the sights, no trip to Byron is complete without a visit to the beach. Waking up to unobstructed views of the crashing waves and pristine sands from the pavilions is the ideal place to survey the surf before heading down. Watch the sky turn apricot as the sun rises from the comfort of your bed and when night takes over, use the stargazing manual provided to help identify some of the easterly constellations.

3. Its wellness offering is the ultimate gift of self-care 

It’s important to carve out time for self-care, but that can often feel difficult when you’re caught up in the busyness of everyday city life. 

Blackbird prides itself on its wellness offering which allows guests to completely switch off and reconnect. A dip in the 10-metre magnesium pool is a perfect solution for those with tired muscles. There’s also an infrared sauna on site for the ultimate toxin flush, or for those seeking even more luxurious rejuvenation, an in-room massage is sure to scratch that itch.

4. Passionate private chefs transform local ingredients into culinary delights

Byron Bay has a reputation for world-class cuisine with a host of fresh vegetable, fruit and herbal varieties that spring from its rich soils. Blackbird puts these local ingredients in the spotlight with a private chef prepping breakfasts and dinners on-site. A healthy yet hearty breakfast is served from the Reception Pavilion, so you can admire the invigorating views of the hinterland as you dine on griddled sourdough, fresh local fruits and veggies and chia pots, and sip away on house-blended teas and coffees. After the sunsets over the picturesque horizon, enjoy delectable dishes and fine wines poolside as you relax at the communal table.  

For lunch, guests are invited to take the opportunity to explore the local offerings with Blackbird recommending hotspots like Bay Leaf, Barrio, Doma and Milk & Honey.  

5. You’re in the thick of nature 

Blissfully off the beaten track, Blackbird can be found in the heart of Nightcap National Park, a 35-minute drive from Byron Bay. But this proximity is part of its charm, allowing its guests to completely immerse themselves in nature is its prerogative.

There’s something magical about waking up to the sound of the black cockatoo or the laughing kookaburras that populate the region – it beats the ringing of the phone alarm any day of the week.  

The region has a wealth of nature to explore and Blackbird is the ideal base to do it from. Chase the local waterfalls including Minyon Falls and Protestors Falls or beach hop from Torakina Beach to Broken Head where you might even spot a Hemsworth. If you’re lucky, you might see a pod of dolphins or turtles near the shore.

Check out Blackbird Byron, a luxe adults-only oasis in Byron's lush hinterland.

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