Inspiration Destinations Australia Best Kept Secret: Dive into Australia’s Best Secluded Beaches  

Best Kept Secret: Dive into Australia’s Best Secluded Beaches  


From Diamond Bay to Bennion Beach, we’re spilling some of Australia’s best kept secret beaches, coves and tropical paradises minus the crowds. 

Australia is famous for its incredible crowd-attracting coastlines like Bondi and Bell’s Beach, which boast fine, white sands, crystal-blue waters and impressive waves, however the nation is also home to a whole host of equally as breathtaking beach spots that fall under the radar. Secret and secluded – but just as wonderful as the famous shorelines – here’s your sign to discover the undiscovered and immerse yourself in the magic of one of Australia’s hidden beaches. 

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Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

Wineglass Bay, the crown jewel of the east coast Tasmanian coastline, is not only a breathtaking secluded bay but is also considered one of the top 10 beaches in the world. Part of the Freycinet Peninsula and just 2.5 hours from Hobart, this lush location should be top of your list when visiting Australia’s island state. Accessible via a steep but rewarding downhill hike that takes around 2.5 hours roundtrip, traverse magnificent coastal bush that opens onto a paradise of turquoise waters, pearly white sand, and spectacular secluded coves. 

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Diamond Bay, Victoria 

Along Victoria’s breathtaking Mornington Peninsula, find Diamond Bay – a sparkling coastal marvel that lives up to its namesake. Surrounded by magnificent sandstone cliffs, this ocean beach is popular for its surf fishing, made possible by the impressive rock platforms that extend from the cliffs. When you’re not relaxing on the pristine sand, wading around in the protected bay or carving up a wave in the nominated surf zone, the picturesque area also boasts an array of natural walking tracks. Discover incredible views and breathe crisp sea air on a clifftop walk while admiring, but being careful not to disturb, the region’s significant Aboriginal midden sites.  

Store Beach, NSW 

Go where only the locals know and enjoy the extravagant atmosphere of a private island escape without the hefty price tag. Fringed by lush bushland, pristine sands and sprawling views, this spectacular secluded site is only accessible by water. Take a brisk 30-minute kayak from Manly Wharf and paddle into an isolated oasis that’s predominantly devoid of people during the week, making it the perfect spot for a secluded rendezvous. Though beachgoers are few and far between, this tropical paradise is a breeding ground for little fairy penguins, so be sure to leave the space clean and tidy after you depart. 

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Sunshine Beach, Queensland 

Well and truly living up to its name, the sun always seems to be shining down on this relaxed beach spot on the south side of Noosa’s lush national park. Lay all day under the shade of the pandanus palm trees, splash around in the shimmering turquoise waters or walk inland for a bite to eat at a trendy coffee shop or juice bar. From impressive breaks that attract seasoned surfers, to the quiet and dog friendly beachfront, this sun-soaked space is perfect for chilling out and maybe even spotting a dolphin or two.  

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Memory Cove, South Australia 

Surrounded by the protected area of Lincoln National Park, this private stretch of shore on SA's stunning Eyre Peninsula offers unrivalled camping and exploration opportunities that are both visually stunning and socially secluded. To preserve the untouched flora and fauna and maintain a sense of isolation, there’s a maximum entry rate of 15 vehicles per day, and due to the varied natural terrain leading to the coastal location, 4WDs are mandatory. Perfect for fishing, this spectacular cove is a nature-lovers haven, ideal for spending days relaxing on the sand, splashing in the waves, spotting aquatic wildlife and exploring the park’s eucalypt and sheoak woodlands in search of rare bird species. 

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Bennion Beach, Western Australia  

Just half an hour from Perth, tucked away in the flourishing scrub and rocky cliffs of Trigg, take advantage of your own little slice of paradise at Bennion Beach. Bring a snorkel and discover a vibrant ecosystem of bright coral and marine life just below the surface of the tranquil waters. Pack a picnic and luxuriate on the fine sand as you watch the sky turn a magnificent shade of orange as the sun dips below the horizon. For small groups or romantic events, you can even hire out the beach space to ensure total seclusion. 

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Secret Beach, Victoria  

 Aptly named, this beachy spot may be the most mysterious on the list. Take a short hike on a back trail near Mallacoota, a small town in East Gippsland, and emerge along this magnificent shoreline. Framed by fascinating rock formations, explore a superb sea cave just north of the beach entrance, splash in the shallows, or enjoy a stroll across the seemingly endless stretch of beach. Set just off the beaten track, indulge in a blissful moment of peace and quiet away from civilisation. It’s practically a guarantee that no one else will find you here. 

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