Inspiration Destinations Mexico Mexico’s Diamond: Here’s Why Cancún Should Be Your Next Travel Destination 

Mexico’s Diamond: Here’s Why Cancún Should Be Your Next Travel Destination 

May 7, 2023

Escape to the tranquil shoreline of Isla Blanca, dance the night away at Coco Bongo and discover an underwater lost world of art; Cancún calls you. 

Magnificent coastlines, ancient Mayan relics, moreish Mexican eats and a nightlife to rival the likes of Las Vegas; discover Mexico’s coastal diamond your way.  

Set along the Yucatán Peninsula bordering the Caribbean Sea, this vibrant city offers picturesque views, calming swims and extraordinary cocktails. Surrounded by breathtaking islands and housing world-class five-star resorts, the question is, why are you not already in Cancún?  

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Majestic Caribbean beaches   

Sea wind through your hair, frozen cocktail in hand, stretched out on a sun lounger – it doesn’t get much better than beachfront rejuvenation in Mexico’s dreamiest holiday destination. Wander through the Zona Hotelera, or Hotel Zone, showcasing some of Cancún’s most swimmable beaches, boasting white sand, clear waters and various vibrant beach clubs for a day of exciting wave hopping. Venture slightly out of the glittering city to Isla Blanca, the utterly breathtaking untouched peninsula oasis famous for its vibrant shallow turquoise shoreline, ideal kiteboarding winds and virtually undeveloped coast for an authentic beach day.  

Ultra-luxurious resorts   

Kempinski Hotel Cancún

Gain an epic vantage point of the Caribbean’s emerald tropics and become immersed in Cancún’s vibrant and festive culture from the comfort of one of the city’s many impressive five-star opulent oceanfront resorts. Experience modern luxury at NIZUC Resort & Spa, the glorious luxury resort boasting eight incredible restaurants and mesmerising sea views. Alternatively, relax to the soothing sounds of live jazz at Kempinkski Hotel Cancún – a resort surrounded by shimmering ocean and known for catering to distinguished guests – while indulging in an ancient Mayan spa treatment. For an exclusive adults-only experience, escape to Haven Riviera Cancún, an impressive beachfront location housing nine buzzing bars and five distinctive restaurants.  

A diverse culinary scene  

Shout your palate a first-class ticket on a culinary journey through Cancún’s finest and freshest dining spots. Explore the unmissable open-air food court atmosphere of Parque de las Palapas, found in the heart of the city and famous for slinging great, affordable Mexican fare, from tacos to tamales. Join in on all the seafood-centric fun at El Oasis Mariscos – from fresh ceviche and creative cocktails to impeccable service – it’s a no-brainer. The Michelin-starred Restaurante La Habichuela offers an elevated dining experience, try the signature cocobichula, a succulent lobster and sweet shrimp curry lovingly stuffed into a whole fresh coconut.   

Fascinating Mayan culture 

No well-rounded itinerary is complete without a foray into the creative and historical realms of the destination, and Cancún is no exception. Visit the magnificent, world-class, avant-garde Museo Maya de Cancún, home to one of the country’s most significant archaeological collections of Mayan culture. Delve into the city’s rich history with a tour around the crumbling San Miguelito archaeological site or through El Ray’s petite temples and ceremonial platforms, which continue to tell the stories of an ancient culture that existed long before colonisation.  

The great outdoors 

Leap out of the sparkling city to Cancún’s glorious coastal surrounds and experience wonder beyond bounds. Dive headfirst into a unique underwater gallery experience as you snorkel through the breathtaking underwater sculptures of The Cancún Museum of Underwater Art (MUSA). Be amazed by the magnificence of the cenotes as you explore and splash around in the vibrant blue waters within these natural limestone sinkholes. Enjoy an exciting day trip to the glorious Isla Contoy, where everything from hiking, bird watching and snorkelling to kayaking and kiteboarding is encouraged.  

The nightlife 

Simply follow energetic beats and bright lights and you’ll end up in Cancún’s vivacious bar and club scene, where a good time is all but guaranteed. Get amongst some of Latin America’s best nightlife, where live performances, heaving dancefloors and delicious cocktails are aplenty. Join a non-stop disco party and catch a mesmerising acrobat show at Coco Bongo right in the heart of the Zona Hotelera. Alternatively, have the night of your life and make friends along the way on a club crawl or exclusive boat party with Cuncrawl, or stop by Señor Frog’s for an evening of unexpected fun.  

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