Inspiration Destinations Australia An Outback Sunrise: Luxury at Mt. Mulligan Lodge, QLD

An Outback Sunrise: Luxury at Mt. Mulligan Lodge, QLD

September 4, 2023
Mt Mulligan and a surrounding billabong, taken by the Twosome Travellers - Luxury Escapes

On a Queensland adventure to a working cattle station, couple travel bloggers the Twosome Travellers discover the perfect sunrise.

There’s no better way to enjoy the outback beauty of Mount Mulligan than by watching the sky morph into a breathtaking palette of pinks and deep, burning oranges at sunrise.

We are staying at Mt. Mulligan Lodge, a secluded outback getaway about 150 kilometres north-west of Cairns. The property is set on 69,000 acres and includes the old township, the cemetery and the original infrastructure from the Cobb & Co coach system, which helped service this region at the height of the gold, and later the coal, rush. The property is overlooked by Mount Mulligan itself, an imposing sandstone tabletop mountain that reflects the changing colour of the
sky on its soaring 18-kilometre-high escarpment.

Sunrise over Mount Mulligan and the wilderness, just 150km north-west of Cairns - Luxury Escapes
Sunrise over Mount Mulligan

To experience the best of this outback sunrise, we have booked an ATV quad bike tour at the lodge that has us bounding out of bed at 5.45am sharp and hopping onto an ATV in semi-darkness while the stars still twinkle overhead. After 15 minutes on the ATV, we make it to the sweet spot with perfect views of Mount Mulligan and the eucalyptus woodlands that surround it. As the landscape turns golden, we watch in a hushed silence as a flock of red-tailed black cockatoos
takes flight, silhouetted against a fiery sky.

Catching a sunrise in the outback primes us for a day of adventure in Queensland’s bushland. We stay at our sunrise vantage point for a while, soaking it in while sipping freshly brewed coffee and tucking into homemade pastries, all while our guide, Corey, gives us a history lesson on Mount Mulligan and the heritage property. Afterwards, we steer our ATVs back towards the lodge, ready to tuck into breakfast.

Mt. Mulligan Lodge's restaurant, featuring a seasonally focused breakfast - Luxury Escapes
Mt. Mulligan Lodge's restaurant features plenty of seasonal treats.

Mt. Mulligan Lodge’s restaurant features a seasonal menu that boasts the best local ingredients, organic vegetables, premium meats and fresh fruits. We are spoilt for choice for breakfast: there is everything from sourdough crumpets with bush honey to a smoked barramundi omelet with black garlic. You will also find great barista coffee on hand to fuel your days’ activities. And the beauty of an early start is that we finish breakfast by 8.30am and still have the entire day ahead of us.

Mt Mulligan Lodge's pool, blending outback chic and contemporary design to create an unforgettable Australian experience - Luxury Escapes
Outback pools don't get more chic than this

The lodge Itself is a blend of outback chic and contemporary Australian design, with spacious guest rooms that boast panoramic views of the surrounding landscape and Mount Mulligan itself. With such a unique combination of luxury and adventure, this is the perfect destination for anyone seeking an unforgettable Australian experience. There are no more than 28 guests at any time, so at times it feels as if we have the place to ourselves.

Our residence, the Outback Room, is immaculate and personalised with a lovely welcome card, reusable water bottles and bespoke tote bags. The fully stocked fridge holds a variety of Australian wines and other drinks to enjoy. During our stay we discover that there is nothing better than pouring ourselves a glass of wine and heading outside onto the veranda, where a deep tin bathtub invites a long soak and views across the tranquil weir and the imposing Mount Mulligan rock face.

This is an abridged version of the original article written by The Twosome Travellers (Alex and James Lock). Read the rest of this article on page 91 in the first issue of Dream by Luxury Escapes magazine. Get your copy here.

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