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Alaia Restaurant, Hawaii: Everything You Need to Know  


Exquisitely blended flavours, ocean views and an unbeatable ambience – Alaia Restaurant at Turtle Bay Resort, Hawaii knows how to dish it up.  

Alaia Restaurant at the enchanting Turtle Bay Resort beckons you to embark on a gastronomic journey like no other. Nestled within a tropical oasis at the northernmost point of Oahu, this foodie gem captures the essence of Hawaii's vibrant culinary heritage while infusing it with a contemporary twist. Prepare to indulge in a symphony of delectable dishes, where each bite is a celebration of the island's rich culture and natural abundance. Discover the magic that awaits, as Alaia Restaurant immerses you in unforgettable farm-to-table cuisine. 

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The design: inviting the outside world in  

As you step into Alaia Restaurant, you'll immediately be struck by its thoughtfully designed space, which seamlessly merges the beauty of the outdoors with a warm and inviting interior. Adorned with natural materials such as timber, stone and lush greenery, the restaurant creates an atmosphere that invites the outside world in. And what better way to enhance your dining experience than by feasting your eyes on the majestic ocean views while savouring mouth-watering flavours? 

Traditional Hawaiian dishes with a twist  

At Alaia Restaurant, the menu boasts a tantalising array of traditional Hawaiian dishes infused with contemporary flair. From the first light of breakfast to the evening's grand finale, there is something to satiate every palate. Prepare to be delighted by culinary creations that pay homage to the island's rich gastronomic heritage. Among the standout menu items are the delectable bone-in pork chop, inspired by a local Hawaiian favourite dish, and the refreshing ahi poke bowl, featuring fresh, marinated ahi tuna complemented by vibrant island flavours. 

Farm-to-table dining 

Alaia Restaurant takes pride in its commitment to farm-to-table dining. A significant portion of the restaurant's fresh produce is sourced from its very own onsite Kuilima Farm. This dedication to locally sourced ingredients ensures that each dish bursts with unparalleled freshness and flavour. The menu is dictated by the seasons and features native delights like bread fruit and apple bananas. Furthermore, the farm's surplus produce is shared with the surrounding communities, fostering a spirit of sustainability and support for local farmers. 

Turtle Bay Resort: beyond the dining  

Beyond Alaia Restaurant and its gastronomic delights, Turtle Bay Resort offers a plethora of enticing features. Dive into a world of relaxation and adventure with four stunning swimming pools, where you can cool off from the Hawaiian sun with a refreshing dip. Golf enthusiasts can tee off at two championship courses, showcasing breathtaking views and challenging fairways. With seven additional restaurants to explore, your taste buds will be in a perpetual state of delight. And let's not forget the resort's prime oceanfront location, where every sunset paints a masterpiece across the horizon, creating memories that will last a lifetime. 

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