From Philly’s storied sights to the bright lights of Vegas and beyond, explore star-studded metropolises and off-the-grid cities, packed with personality and unmissable experiences.

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Featured escapes in USA

Disney is calling
Every city has a story

Inspiring museums and historical monuments, dazzling Broadway shows and Disney-themed parks – the USA’s world-class attractions form an exciting synopsis for urban adventures.

Beyond these bucket-list experiences, you’ll find there’s more to a city’s story; discover the secrets of Creole cuisine on a New Orleans food tour, belly-laugh the night away in a Chicago comedy club, or stumble across stencil-stained laneways in Denver – the USA’s street art capital.

Experience myriad ways to transport through USA streetscapes, from San Francisco's heritage cable cars to the New York City subway. Reach for the Manhattan skyline on an open-top bus, explore micro-breweries along Portland’s bike paths or admire antebellum houses by horse-and-cart in Charleston.

Whether you’re planning your first USA chapter or returning for the sequel – there’s a new experience for everyone, in every city.

Discover the USA

The wild mosaic made up of USA’s stunningly varied landscapes has helped secure the nation’s top place in the travel spotlight. Travelling between states is like entering a new world: a short flight can take you from snow-covered Rocky Mountains to golden Californian beaches, or from New York City’s concrete jungle to the arid desert of West Texas. Dozens of worlds squeezed into one exceptional nation, the wonders of the USA await.

The East Coast oozes with cosmopolitan cool. New York City’s iconic sights like the Statue of Liberty, Fifth Avenue and Central Park are instantly familiar. Skirt the coastline southwards to Florida, where fun is almost a sport. Endless entertainment awaits at Orlando’s Disney World and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, while Everglades National Park is your go-to for spotting an alligator basking in the sun.

Hop over to Alaska in USA’s most north-western corner, where wilderness reigns supreme; brown bears snapping at wild salmon, hulking moose sauntering roadside and sleepy caribou grazing. Discover the raw and rugged at Denali National Park or feel the chill of one of the fastest moving glaciers in the world, Columbia Glacier in Prince William Sound.

Meanwhile, the West Coast is a curious combination of glittering cities, sun-kissed wineries, and moody evergreen mountain forests. Los Angeles overflows with movie-star glamour along the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Seattle’s outrageous coffee culture and thriving culinary scene is reason enough to brave the rainy weather for. Meanwhile, Las Vegas’ neon lights and jingle-jangle of slot machines is a siren call to fun seekers and Elvis impersonators.

Hardcore adventurers make a beeline for the Southwest. Lace up your hiking boots in Colorado for an epic hike or mountain biking adventure through the Rocky Mountains. Montana – ‘Big Sky Country’ – is home to soem of the nation’s best skiing (tackle the slopes at Montana Snowbowl for uninhibited thrills). Soul-swooping panoramas await in Utah’s impressive array of national parks, like the spiralling hoodoos of Zion National Park and the moon-like landscape of Goblin Valley State Park.

Further south, follow the smoky aroma of finger-lickin’ good BBQ and the waves of toe-tapping live music to Texas. Austin’s food truck craze is well and truly here to stay, from spicy fried chicken to sugared churros and Tex Mex. Dallas dazzles with its smorgasbord of rodeo shows, live sports (seeing the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium is a must), and art galleries.

A glorious shade of paradise, Hawaii is a tropical dream come true with volcanic peaks, white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters. Grab your surfboard and ride the waves on Oahu’s legendary North Shore or hop over to Maui to see magnificent sunrises and sunsets over Haleakala’s volcanic peak.

Visit the USA not just for the holiday of a lifetime, but to experience a lifetime of holidays. What are you waiting for?

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