Inspiration Destinations Australia Through the Keyhole: The Interlude, a Melbourne Prison-Turned-Luxury-Hotel 

Through the Keyhole: The Interlude, a Melbourne Prison-Turned-Luxury-Hotel 

September 3, 2023
The pool at The Interlude, a new luxury hotel in Melbourne.

With accommodation like no other, an underground relaxation pool, stories by the fire and chef-hatted dining, you’ll want to throw away the key and never leave The Interlude. Meet the unique new player on Melbourne’s luxury hotel scene.

For almost 200 years, Coburg North’s Pentridge Prison had some of Australia’s most prolific criminals, from Ned Kelly to Chopper Read, walk its halls. Fast forward 10 years and the former prison is now The Interlude, a stay where opulence and history go hand in hand.  

If this site’s infamous history as a Melbourne prison isn’t intriguing enough, the luxuries of the hotel should be. From a standout subterranean pool to an acclaimed, local-focused wining and dining hub, The Interlude does boutique-style luxury best - and all located only a few kilometres from Melbourne's CBD.

Bespoke itineraries for every guest 

Foyer at The Interlude, a new Melbourne luxury hotel - Luxury Escapes

The Interlude team curate bespoke itineraries for each guest’s time at the hotel, using answers offered in the post-booking questionnaire to devise the perfect stay. Upon arrival, guests are ushered through a heavy red door, crossing the threshold into a luxurious realm where modern comforts meet rich history. Sip on a glass of Victorian sparkling wine while perusing the personalised itineraries, which may span a variety of hosted experiences from a private pool hour and a specialised wine-tasting experience to a storytelling session in the yard. A dedicated host ensures each guest is happy with itinerary timings and inclusions while welcoming them to their stay. 

Attention to detail in every space 

Hotel room at The Interlude, a new Melbourne luxury hotel - Luxury Escapes

Moodily lit corridors are lined with local, vibrant artwork and lead hotel guests to their one of 19 spectacular suites. Music, tailored to the taste of respective guests, plays in your room upon arrival, and other touches like a mindful journalling station, sleeping nook and complimentary wine and truffle turndown (using Victorian bottles and Koko Black treats) service mean it's easy to settle in.

Intimate sommelier-led wine tasting journeys 

Wine tasting at The Interlude, a new Melbourne luxury hotel - Luxury Escapes

Forget what you know about wine-tasting and approach this small-group sampling with an open mind – and open palate. Led by an in-house sommelier, the experience offers a taste of The Interlude’s 500-label-strong cellar, with opportunity to try rare varietals and rich vintages. From Corsican white wine to vintage Victorian shiraz, each glass has a story to tell and an ideal way of being enjoyed, all of which is revealed during this full-bodied session.  

Heavenly private pool and wellness experiences 

The pool at at The Interlude, a new Melbourne luxury hotel - Luxury Escapes

The prize jewel of the hotel is the tranquil underground sanctuary. A sparkling pool, heated to a perfect 35 degrees, is framed by glowing candles and invites all to float their cares away. Each guest enjoys exclusive private access for a full hour. Wade in therapeutic waters, spritz aromatherapy sprays, nurse herbal teas and sip sparkling wine to reach new heights of tranquility. Massages are also available.

Rich with riveting tales of the past   

The outdoor area at The Interlude, a new Melbourne luxury hotel - Luxury Escapes

It would be an opportunity missed not to delve into The Interlude's storied past on your stay. Take a stroll around the open-air yard, where prisoners once had daily exercise, and which is now a transformed space promoting rest, relaxation and storytelling. Over a roaring fire, a glass of Victorian red wine and a local cheese board, listen to the thrilling tales from a passionate historian of this infamous Melbourne prison and all who walked within its bluestone walls.

Beyond exceptional food and wine culture  

The Interlude's on-site restaurant, North&COMMON at The Interlude, a new Melbourne luxury hotel - Luxury Escapes

It may be near Lygon Street and Sydney Road, but The Interlude's gastronomic clout give little reason to venture beyond its walls. The centerpiece is North&COMMON, a buzzing accessible fine-dining restaurant that has already earned a prestigious chef's hat. Its revolving, seasonal menu ideal is designed for sharing by executive chef Mark Glenn, formerly of Cumulus Inc. And next door is sister venue, Olivine Wine Bar. This intimate drinking den, perfect for a pre- or post-dinner tipple, is bedecked with rich velvet, cool marble and bluestone-framed booths, and offers a menu of small plates such as Appellation rock oysters, scallop tart and artisanal cheese.  

Feature image: The Interlude.

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