Inspiration Destinations Dolphin Island: This Fiji Private Island is Out of this World 

Dolphin Island: This Fiji Private Island is Out of this World 


Discover the thrills of a completely secluded island and make your wildest travel dreams come true at Dolphin Island, Fiji. 

Hear the call of crystal-clear waters and lush swaying palms at one of Fiji's most unforgettable private island resorts: Dolphin Island. Offering unparalleled luxury and exclusivity, all 14 acres of this island's untouched beauty are truly exceptional, and all yours for the duration of your stay.

Promising a world of tranquility, perfect for unforgettable family adventures or even romantic honeymoons, Dolphin Island, with its Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Award rating, will make you want to stay here in paradise forever.

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Secluded seafront haven

Relax in luxury poolside.

Imagine relaxing along a calm, picturesque coast. You have an entire island to yourself — a private sanctuary in which to bask in the unbridled beauty of Fiji, completely uninterrupted. The beauty of Dolphin Island is that it delivers precisely that, and more. With its sprawling 14-acre expanse, this secluded oasis is your personal playground, ensuring a level of privacy and intimacy that is second to none. Lounge on day beds after cooling off in the infinity pool and relax in the breezy open-air bedroom of the hilltop sleep-out bure.

Bespoke dining

Fresh local ingredients and seafood are on the menu.

Here, dining is elevated to an art form. The resort takes great pride in curating personalised culinary experiences, with menus tailored to each guest and their personal preferences. The finest of ingredients are personally handpicked from local markets and the island's very own fisherman makes daily visits, bringing a bounty of freshly caught seafood and produce that elevates every dish. To top off the experience, even enjoy a traditional lovo farewell dinner on your last night. Sample the island's iconic carefully prepared parcels, wrapped in banana leaves and laid on hot stones under the earth to slow cook for several hours. Whether you choose to dine on the plantation-style veranda, the floating pontoon or at a candlelit table on the beach – each meal is sure to be memorably mesmerising.

Immersive experiences await 

Immerse yourself in local culture.

With an array of immersive experiences that cater to your every whim, Dolphin Island is a haven for discovery, excitement and fun. Whether you're seeking cultural exploration, thrilling adventures or rest and relaxation, this island paradise has it all. Craft your own itinerary and choose from a myriad of activities, such as visiting traditional villages to immerse yourself in the local culture, embarking on kayaking adventures through turquoise waters, trying your hand at fishing in the abundant seas, and indulging in luxurious spa treatments.  

Sustainability at its heart 

The resort is passionate about preserving Fiji's beauty.

Not only a haven of luxury; Dolphin Island is also deeply committed to sustainability and responsible tourism. With a focus on minimising food waste and supporting local communities and farmers, the resort ensures that every aspect of your stay is ethically conscious. Confirming guest numbers in advance means there is minimal food waste, allowing for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly experience. Holidaying on Dolphin Island not only ensures a remarkable experience but also positively contributes to the preservation of the pristine beauty of Fiji and the wellbeing of its communities. 

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