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Authentic Flavours of Bali: The Best Restaurants for Traditional Balinese Cuisine  


From flavour-packed rice dishes to cocktails crafted with local botanicals, here's where to find traditional Balinese cuisine on the Island of the Gods.

Balinese food, with its own unique spin on traditional Indonesian dishes, is truly inspiring. Rich, elaborate flavours enhance the fresh, locally sourced ingredients featured on every plate. Mouthwatering seafood, pork and chicken are frequently paired with vegetables, fruits and grains before being lavishly garnished with herb and spice combinations that will dance delightfully across your palate.

Discover our pick of the best restaurants for Balinese cuisine that will wow you with their traditional offerings. 

Kaum at Potato Head Studios 

The spectacular Kaum at Potato Head Studios is the place to go if you want to experience some seriously authentic dishes from Bali’s past. With hundreds of generational recipes available, you’ll be able to take your tastebuds on a historical journey to the days of ancient ceremonies, Balinese royalty and tribal living. The Kaum team uses indigenous cooking methods and the freshest traditional ingredients found across the archipelago.  

Kaum also engages with responsible, small-scale producers and frequently consult with island tribes to produce their unique heritage offerings. In fact, some of these recipes are so guarded, you’ll be unlikely to find them anywhere else. The restaurant’s soothing decor is also based on Bali's past, with recreated Torajan wood carvings, family-style communal tables and more.  

Kampoeng Bali at Ayana Segara Resort 

If you want to actively immerse yourself in every aspect of the Balinese culture, that’s exactly what you’ll experience at Kampoeng Bali Cultural Village at Ayana Segara Resort. Here, you can immerse yourself in genuine village life, traditional foods and drinks, as well as cultural performances, arts, crafts and more. 

You’ll be treated to meals and drinks served in the traditional way, where you can sample some old-school staples such as herb-infused babi guling (roast pork) among other treats. While you feast, watch theatrical dance performances and learn about the island’s fascinating history. Afterwards, walk off your meal with a stroll along the lake and lily ponds, meander past the rice paddies and village stations, before visiting the lively night markets. You can’t beat this experience if you truly want to learn about the wonders of Bali’s past. 

Maja Restaurant at Amarterra Villas

The gorgeous Maja Restaurant at Amarterra Villas showcases Bali’s friendly hospitality, traditional flavours and local architecture and decor. It’s truly an idyllic place for a peaceful meal, with thatch-roofed shade huts, man-made ponds peppered with decorative reeds and brass ibis statuettes, and carved mud-brick exteriors. Said to serve up some of the best nasi goreng in all of Bali, this delightful restaurant offers traditional Pan-Asian and Balinese flavours that have been improved with modern gastronomic techniques. 

Wok Wok at Andaz Bali

With a rich menu described as ‘Indonesian comfort food’, you know you’re in for a treat at Wok Wok at Andaz Bali Hotel. Surrounded by a mix of traditional Balinese wooden decor and sleek contemporary fittings, you can dine indoors or go al fresco at this palatial restaurant. Satiate your hunger with spicy traditional favourites that will make your mouth water, or try some international fusion dishes to mix it up. With local favourites and a modern twist on other Balinese treasures, there’s something for every taste. Combine these fresh, exciting offerings with amazing cocktails and other refreshing drinks, all served individually or in the preferred family style, and you’ve got yourself the perfect Bali dining experience. 

Merah Putih

With a great location just minutes from the beach and high-end hotels such as The Kayana Villas and Montigo Resorts, the delightful Merah Putih is a feast for the senses. Sit under an illuminated vaulted ceiling among the vibrant indoor garden with the calming burble of a nearby water feature while you wait for your meal to arrive. Treat your tastebuds to traditional Balinese fare or try an innovative dish that uses widely enjoyed flavours with an experimental twist that’s sure to impress. The tasting menu combined with the creative cocktails or signature drinks is highly recommended to round off your exceptional dining experience.  

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