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4 Amazing Restaurants at Bali’s Potato Head Suites & Studios

November 15, 2023

Wood-fired pizza, chargrilled seafood and some of the most innovative plant-based food you’ll ever taste: Potato Head Suites & Studios is a one-stop shop for some of Bali’s best restaurants.

The hero of any holiday is often the cuisine you eat while you're there. For some, the food is the reason to go away. Enter Potato Head Suites & Studios, a stay recently named in The World’s 50 Best Hotels in 2023, and which is beacon to foodies everywhere thanks to its world-class dining.

Guests come for the unbeatable Seminyak beachfront location and cool eco-conscious design but return time again for its high-end restaurants. Plating up everything from innovative seafood and traditional Indonesian dishes with a modern twist, to wood-fired pizzas and next-level plant-based dishes, Potato Head’s restaurants continue to make waves across Bali’s culinary scene.

Read on to dig into four unmissable restaurants of Potato Head Suites & Studios.

Sustainably sourced seafood at Ijen

Seafood is the showstopper at Ijen, the resort’s sophisticated oceanfront venue. An open kitchen is made from pale brick and recycled wood, and is where a long block of charcoals smoulder, grilling everything from whole market fish to octopus. The tables are built from ethically sourced Mersawa wood and plastic from motorcycle oil caps, and the cocktails come served from glasses made from repurposed beer bottles. Try the Bedugul Spritz with vodka, strawberry nectar and guava kombucha to quench any thirst. Ingredients used by the kitchen are sourced locally and all seafood is caught using sustainable fishing techniques.

The menu is enough to justify repeat visits. King prawns are roasted over an open flame and served with shallots, garlic and a hint of chilli; oysters come topped with ginger vinegar and tamari; clams are drizzled in a citrus vinegar and finished with a delicate avocado cream. End your meal with burnt mango for dessert.

Indonesian bites with a twist at Kaum 

Kaum is a favourite among Bali’s well-heeled visitors and a love letter to Indonesian cuisine. The diner's culinary team travelled extensively across Indonesia to learn about indigenous cooking techniques, harvest rare ingredients and replicate authentic flavours from remote tribal communities. The result? Mouthwatering morsels like grilled barramundi marinated with tamarind water and turmeric paste, chargrilled pork belly with satay and fragrant spices, and gohu ikan tuna (fresh tuna with calamansi juice, ginseng leaves and served with homemade rice crackers). The kachang mete karamel for dessert is a must: it’s a bombardment of sweet and salty with East Bali cashew nuts and caramel in a coconut shortbread tart, served with sea salt ice cream.  

Plant-based innovation at Tanaman

Whether you’re vegan or not, you’ll want to visit Tanaman – Bali’s hottest plant-based restaurant. The cavernous space has a distinct futuristic vibe: neon-lit columns, violet lighting, electric blue walls and ultramodern furnishings akin to a sci-fi spaceship. While the design is guaranteed to impress, it’s the menu that’s out of this world.

Plates are packed full of flavour and honour the entire plant. Dumplings are filled with minced carrot, apple and pumpkin, served with mushroom garum and palm sugar sauce. The humble broccoli is celebrated in all its glory, with everything from the stem to the florets incorporated and leaves finished with coconut and chive oil sauce. If you’re after the Indonesian favourite sate (traditionally made with chicken or pork), try Tanaman’s version using oyster and wood ear mushrooms.

A slice of heaven at Pizza Garden

Freshly rolled dough is key to Pizza Garden’s crispy creations, located next to the hotel's beachfront pool. A small but solid menu promises a handful of winning recipes: top your base with mushroom, zucchini and basil pesto, or go for the Italian sausage, fennel and pepper. For a class, opt for the margherita that’s slathered with homemade tomato sauce, local fresh mozzarella and aromatic basil.

Pair your pizza with a local Bintang Crystal or dabble in the world of premium Balinese craft beers with an icy cold bottle of Kura Kura Easy Ale. If you’re after a refreshing non-alcoholic pour, Jamu Bar serves fresh-squeezed juices like orange, watermelon, sugar cane and pineapple coconut water. Or lean into Potato Head’s island vibes and order a young whole coconut. 

Ready to escape? Discover a culinary wonderland at Potato Head Suites & Studios with daily dining and nightly free-flow cocktail sessions. 

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