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Top 5 Most Epic Road Trips in Europe 

October 26, 2023

The joy of literally taking your vacation into your own hands is the foundation of Europe’s best road trips – hire a car, feel adventurous, enjoy complete freedom.  

Hiring a car in Europe might be the most freeing and memorable escape you ever experience. Europe is teeming with all kinds of incredible road trip opportunities, from quiet stretches of pristine coastline hidden in the south of Greece to sun-kissed, sandy Portuguese havens, and Germany’s infamous ‘no speed limit’ (spoiler: there is one) Autobahn. Discover the very best European destinations, some only accessible by car, turn on your GPS and buckle up – you’re in for the trip of a lifetime. 

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Ancient history: The Peloponnese, Greece  

Explore the picture-perfect town of Nafplio, Greece.

Southern Greece is the perfect place to hire a convertible, tie back your hair in a vintage Chanel scarf and embrace the tried-and-tested European style of Audrey Hepburn – flying along a deserted seaside road (without the speeding of course). The Peloponnese Peninsula is a mind-bogglingly beautiful region, with roads that slice through dramatic mountain ranges, hug the coastline of the turquoise Mediterranean Sea and weave between ancient historic sites. Take up to a week to explore this largely tourist-free section of Europe with the convenience of freestyle driving in your hire car. Stop to explore the medieval city of Nafplio, visit the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Epidaurus Theatre and go swimming in the pristine waters that surround Monemvasia Island.  

Old-world charm: London to Edinburgh, United Kingdom 

Discover the awe-inspiring views around the Lake District.

If bygone country charm is your cup of tea, a road trip from London to Edinburgh is sure to tickle your tyres. The key to this three-day escape is the perfect hire car to suit the occasion – ideally, an Aston Martin or a MINI Cooper to pay homage to the United Kingdom. Start your adventure in the regal town of Windsor for a tour of the oldest occupied castle in the world, then take it easy as you cruise towards Scotland. Be sure to stop by as many cosy villages as you can, namely Shakespeare’s birthplace, Stratford-upon-Avon. Here, you can catch a live Shakespearean play, tour his historic home, and visit Anne Hathaway’s sleepy cottage. Take a moment to appreciate the landscape of England with a short hike or leisurely cruise in the enchanting Lake District National Park, before crossing the border and arriving at your destination. 

Sun-kissed beaches: Algarve Coast, Portugal 

The Algarve Coast is home to Ponta da Piedade beach.

Seven days in heaven along the golden Algarve Coast of Portugal will leave you speechless. From the moment you hire your European car, to the first sun-kissed beach you visit and the second your mouth meets the first (of many) Portuguese pastry tarts, you will come to realise that this is the road trip of your dreams. Ponta da Piedade in Lagos is a sight to behold – take in spectacular views from the cliffs overlooking the bay, then head down the stairs to the beach or board a local boat to explore from the sea. Praia Nova beach near Porches is a truly mesmerising oasis, you’ll almost have to pinch yourself to check if you’re dreaming. Perched on the yellow cliffs above the water sits a white chapel that gazes into the turquoise abyss – it's certainly worth pulling over to experience.  

The famous Autobahn: Berlin to Munich, Germany  

Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a real life fairy tale village.

If speed is the name of the game, then Berlin to Munich is a must-do European road trip. The freedom of hiring a car gives you complete control while travelling the iconic Autobahn motorway – although the myth has been busted, there actually are speed limits and speed suggestions along the drive. Spend a day travelling at your leisure, stopping by Leipzig to explore world-class art galleries, before taking a scenic detour to visit the medieval town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, where the higgledy-piggledy houses and cobblestoned lanes create a feeling of fairy tale wonder. Once you arrive in the historic city of Munich, check in to the lavish Mandarin Oriental for a few days of high-end relaxation.  

Gourmand’s highway: Costa Brava, Spain

The Costa Brava will lead you to breathtaking vistas and the freshest seafood.

Road tripping is no easy feat and with the winding roads and spectacular vistas along the Costa Brava coastline, one is bound to work up an appetite – queue the ‘Gourmand’s Highway’. The journey from Blanes to Barcelona typically takes an hour, but a true foodie will take up to five days to feast their way through the region – a luxury granted by hiring a car. Between the rocky coves, rugged cliffs, and Mediterranean beaches you’ll find the freshest seafood at Al Marge in Badalona, a laid-back venue that aims to showcase the sophistication of the region in simplicity. If you’re looking for a fine dining experience, Mataró’s Sangiovese restaurant is one to look out for. Fall into a food coma once you arrive in the comfort of the ultra-luxurious Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona.  

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