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Road to Rhodes: Things to Do on this Greek Island


A butterfly-filled forest, Ancient Greek ruins and a spa fit for a Greek goddess – with so many things to do in Rhodes, make this your next island destination.

While Santorini's famed for its for sunsets, Mykonos for nightlife and Crete for ancient treasures, Rhodes is multifaceted in its charms. Ancient history exists beside stunning beaches, UNESCO World Heritage-listed towns make way for natural splendour and traditional dishes like juicy skewered souvlaki keep you coming back for seconds – and thirds.

Read on to discover the must-sees and must-dos on this storied Greek Island.

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Valley of the Butterflies

Picture a dreamy forest setting crisscrossed by romantic hand-built bridges, bubbling creeks and miniature waterfalls. Now ramp up the wow-factor with thousands of butterflies covering almost every surface and lazily fluttering from tree to tree. This 600-acre nature park is home to the only natural Oriental Sweetgum trees in Europe, and the sap attracts butterflies in droves. When visiting, try not to break the whispered spell; loud noises can startle the butterflies during their restful state. Attend between June and September to see the valley at the height of beauty. 

Rhodes Old City

Palace of the Grand Master.

Even if you’re not much of a history buff, the cobblestone alleyways, Byzantine churches and Gothic structures of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Old City are still guaranteed to impress. As the oldest inhabited medieval city in Europe, there is plenty of history to discover. Head down the Street of Knights, a 14th century thoroughfare once home to the Knights Hospitaller military order who ruled Rhodes. Continue to the Palace of the Grand Master and wander through the arched gates and curved towers, pausing to admire painted frescoes and preserved mosaic floors. 

Lindos Acropolis

Lindos Acropolis is one of the most significant archeological sites in Greece.

Due for a dose of Ancient Greek history? A visit to the Lindos Acropolis is just what the doctor ordered. Just an hours’ drive south from Rhodes town, Lindos is a picturesque coastal town harbouring jaw-dropping history. Spend a day here to discover the preserved Acropolis, first fortified in the 6th century BCE, and the Temple of Athena Lidia. The walk to the Acropolis’ summit is 20 minutes up a stony path, but the dramatic ocean views are well worth the effort. 

Kallithea Hot Springs

Transport yourself back to Ancient Greece at this centuries-old spa.

If you’re seeking a royal pampering experience, make the 10-minute drive south from Rhodes to the Bay of Kallithea, where Kallithea Hot Springs awaits. Legend says locals have been soaking in the healing waters, built on an ancient natural thermal spring, since the 7th century BCE. Redesigned in 1929 by Italian architects, this dazzling Art Deco spa features pebble-mosaic courtyards, white-domed rotundas and a private beach fringed by plush lounge chairs. Get there early to secure a sunbed by the water and order a cocktail.  

Swim at Traganou Beach

The beaches of Rhodes range from sandy coves to picturesque pebbled stretches.

This pebbly beach is a slice of heaven on earth. With crystal clear waters and surrounding sea caves, Traganou is the perfect beach for swimming, snorkelling and diving and a must on your list of things to do in Rhodes. Don your snorkel and go in search of brightly coloured fish and tiny octopus which linger around the rocky outcrops. Planning on staying the entire day? Hire a sun bed and umbrella from the nearby fish tavern and snack stall. 

Try traditional Rhodesian food

Enjoy ouzo with ice as the locals do.

What’s a trip to Greece without tasting the delicious local fare? Rhodes is renowned for its souvlaki (flame-grilled meat cubes on skewers) and pitaroudia, a fritter-like traditional treat made from chickpeas, onions, tomatoes and mint. Do as the locals do and enjoy this classic mezze dish with fresh tzatziki or baked feta and an accompanying glass of ouzo. Fair warning: ouzo, an aniseed-flavoured aperitif, is best sipped slowly, perhaps watered down with ice cubes – this is not a drink to guzzle down in a hurry.

Feature image: Kallithea Hot Springs.

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