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Best Bangkok Attractions for Adventure Lovers 


Love an adrenaline rush? From zip lining to wakeboarding, these are Bangkok’s must-do experiences for those who like to feel the thrill. 

The vast city of Bangkok is brimming with life. From chaotic traffic on its busy streets to rooftop restaurants and bars overlooking the horizon, Bangkok has it all. With over 10 million people, museums, boat rides, food tastings, markets and so much more, it is impossible to see everything. This city has been a centre for tourism for a long time now, with an international airport and routes to the islands in the south and the mountains in the north. While Bangkok attractions hold a reputation for after-hours partying and historical education, this city also holds many exciting activities for those who like a bit of exhilaration. Discover Bangkok’s best attractions for adventure lovers.  

Zip lining 

If you love soaring through the sky overtop a jungle with a rush of wind through your hair at high speeds, then this activity is for you. Zip lining just outside of Bangkok offers plentiful fresh air out of the big city and welcomes them with open arms and lungs to the dense rainforest. From treetops to ropes and bridges, this activity allows guests to traverse their way through the canopy. With magnificent viewpoints and a whole lot of adrenaline, this activity is perfect for those looking for an adventure. Many of these zip lining tours also offer rainforest conservation education, which really allows guests to understand the fragility of this declining ecosystem and the importance of environmental stewardship. There are many fun and exciting zip lining day tours that can be booked online. 

City cycling & mountain biking  

Cycling through this concrete jungle is an awesome activity for those who love adventure (and exercise). Bangkok has some exceptional bike trails including Chinatown, public parks with designated bike paths and the Golden Mount Pagoda, which has scenic views of the city. As well, across the Chao Phraya River, there is dense jungle that can be cycled through on an exciting bike tour. Cycling throughout Bangkok is a great way to see some of the best sites and get some exercise at the same time. 

30 minutes from Khao San Road is one of Bangkok’s cross-country mountain biking trails called Phutthamonthon Park MTB XC Trail. It consists of a well-cared-for, seven-kilometre dirt trail that meanders between the trees. This trail is a great escape from the city and is fun for beginners and advanced mountain bikers alike. Keep your eyes open for the lizards and terrapins that like to rest right in the middle of the trail.  

Another mountain biking trail can be found in the North of the city on Phahonyothin Road. All-Terrain Vehicles and Mountain Biking Club 11 boasts a four-kilometre trail that contains jumps, ridges, sand traps, ponds, elevation alterations and much more. As this trail is located right by an army base and visitors must show their passports to enter.  


While there is a lot of walking to do in the city of Bangkok, hiking in the lush greenery outside the city is a must for any adventure lover. Hiking around Bangkok can be done all year, but it is typically best to stay away from the wet season, as the ground can turn to slippery mud after rain. Close to the city, however, is Ko Kret. This island is about 15 kilometres from the city centre and boasts a five-kilometre walking trail throughout its vibrant markets and peaceful temples. 

Kaeng Krachan National Park is Thailand’s largest national park. About a three-hour drive from the city, Kaeng Krachan is filled with dense jungle and diverse wildlife. As this park is so massive, it is recommended for visitors to take their time. With a guide or alone, it is best to stay for a few days to truly explore the park and create a genuine adventure. 

Erawan National Park is just over a three-hour drive from Bangkok, but its distance should not dissuade you from visiting this hiker’s paradise. With an entanglement of trails from easy to difficult, cascading waterfalls, lush jungle, crystal clear pools and exciting wildlife, Erawan National Park is one of the best places to hike in all of Thailand.  


With an increase in popularity in recent years, wakeboarding in Bangkok has risen to the top of the charts for adventurous and thrilling activities one can participate in. Whether you are a wakeboarding enthusiast or a newbie, this activity is a great way to get a thrill, exercise and escape the blistering heat of the city. Taco Lake and Thai Wake Park are two of many different spots to get your wake on.  

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