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Caviar in the Surf & 4 Other Surprising Seabourn Cruise Experiences

February 23, 2024
Cruise passengers enjoying caviar in the surf, one of the surprising experiences on Seabourn cruises - Luxury Escapes

Caviar served from a surfboard in the Caribbean, shopping with the chef at Turkish bazaars and submarine expeditions in the Arctic: Seabourn excursions dive deeper.

If scratching beneath the surface of a destination is your holiday modus operandi, Seabourn is a cruise line to have on your radar. With purpose-built expedition ships, Zodiacs and submarines for accessing lesser-discovered territories, guests experts offering insight into everything from history to photography, and an onboard camera that broadcasts imagery ship-wide from up to three miles away, Seabourn journeys are curated by the intrepid, for the intrepid.

Whether exploring vibrant markets teeming with local treasures or secluded marinas surrounded by natural beauty, each port of call offers a new adventure waiting to be discovered.

Read on for five experiences to expect on and off-board.

1. Kayak alongside the giants of the Amazon

Cruise passengers kayaking in the Amazon, one of the surprising things to do on a Seabourn cruise
Kayaking through the Amazon. Source: Seabourn.

Seabourn expedition cruises can only be compared to an ultra-luxe safari at sea. Both of the cruise line's purpose-built Polar Class 6 expedition ships (Seabourn Venture and Seabourn Pursuit) are appointed with double kayaks, offering a unique chance to experience the nature of Antarctica, South America or the Amazon in its purest form.

Go joyously off-grid with unprecedented access to the upper Amazon, uncovering its diverse ecosystem of winding, lily-pad-dotted waterways and verdant rainforest. Together with an expedition leader, set out on an unforgettable adventure through a natural obstacle course, surrounded by brilliant blues, vibrant greens and purples, spotting colourful birds and elusive wildlife.

2. Savour caviar in the surf

Cruise staff preparing caviar in the surf, one of the surprising things to do on a Seabourn cruise - Luxury Escapes
Caviar in the surf. Source: Seabourn.

For Seabourn, travelling is about storytelling: and this experience is surely one for the books. Picture yourself standing knee-deep in crystal-clear waters as a tablecloth-covered surfboard approaches, loaded with caviar and chilled champagne. This is the essence of Seabourn's iconic 'caviar in the surf' experience, where guests are treated to a moment of pure decadence on select Caribbean and Asian voyages. Stella caviar sourced from Regiis Ova is heaped onto crackers or bread, topped with crème fraîche and paired with fruity Montaudon Brut. Back on shore, the ship’s chefs fire up the grills for fresh lobster and barbecue favourites, as a steel band plays live music.

3. Shop with the chef

Bringing the paddock-to-plate movement to the high seas, Seabourn's exclusive shopping with the chef program allows you to go behind-the-scenes to source produce alongside your ship’s Executive Chef. Search for baklava and spices in the grand bazaars of Turkiye, artisanal cheeses, pâtés and fresh bread in the farmers’ markets of Marseille, France, or soft shell crab and exotic fruits, such as longan and custard apples, in Ho Chi Minh City. Share culinary secrets with local vendors and learn about the art of selecting the finest ingredients and executing the distinct flavours which define each destination, before enjoying chef-prepared dishes onboard.

4. Launch into watersports from a retractable platform

On select voyages, Seabourn guests have the opportunity to make the most of being water-bound with complimentary 'Marina Day' watersports, launching straight from the ship's unique retractable marina platform. From gentler activities like pedal boating and paddle boarding to high-adrenaline waterskiing and banana boating, there's a myriad of ways to explore the ocean. Plunge into the depths to discover kaleidoscopic marine life, or simply unwind on a secluded beach under the sun's embrace.

5. Dive to depths of 300 metres on a submarine adventure

Seabourn submarine on an expedition, one of the surprising things to do on a Seabourn cruise - Luxury Escapes
Submarine expedition. Source: Seabourn.

Adventure hits new depths with expeditions on a custom-built submarine, available during select voyages on Seabourn Pursuit and Seabourn Venture. Upholstered in leather and equipped with a Bluetooth stereo, air conditioning and even a champagne chiller, they offer once-in-a-lifetime wilderness experiences in signature Seabourn luxury. Witness marine marvels darting between kaleidoscopic corals and incredible sunken shipwrecks, all while staying dry and comfortable. With a maximum capacity of seven, including a skilled pilot, each environmentally friendly sub offers intimate exploration up to 300 metres, providing a glimpse of the ocean's wonders.

Seabourn experiences and activities are subject to weather conditions. Surcharges may apply.

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