Inspiration Destinations Maldives Isle Be Back: Why the Pullman Maldives Maamutaa is the Ultimate All-Inclusive Overwater Destination

Isle Be Back: Why the Pullman Maldives Maamutaa is the Ultimate All-Inclusive Overwater Destination

March 26, 2024
An aerial view of the Pullman Maldives Maamutaa resort and surrounding blue waters which is one of the best overwater all-inclusive resorts in the Maldives - Luxury Escapes

The tiny island of Maamutaa in the Indian Ocean offers all-inclusive luxury that cares about its guests just as much as it cares about the planet. Kate Webster escapes to the Pullman Maldives Maamutaa’s eco-luxe oasis.

The Maldives can be a euphoric travel destination of white-sand wishes and blue lagoon dreams, but it is very important to pick the right island stay. Visitors don’t tend to travel much between the myriad atolls; this is the ultimate fly-and-flop getaway where you don’t want to worry about a thing.

For me that meant a variety of room types to choose from, a wide selection of dining options so my tastebuds didn’t get bored and a host of activities for when just lazing around on a deck chair became too much.

The Pullman Maldives Maamutaa, an Accor property that was the first fully inclusive Pullman resort, ticked all these boxes. The main resort is set amidst 18 hectares of lush tropical flora and fauna, a mini-forest
of carefully planted and ethically sustained plants, all surrounding an abundant natural lake. Here you will find scattered Beach Villas and Pool Villas tucked away in their own private oasis.

Stepping off the island and onto the boardwalks over one of the region’s largest and deepest lagoons, you will find the luxurious Overwater Villas including two exclusive Aqua Villas featuring bedrooms submerged beneath the waters. For the ultimate experience, the Royal Suite is a resort within a resort, providing complete privacy and indulgence including personalised services.

An added bonus at Pullman Maldives is that it is part of the Accor Hotels Planet 21 program which aims to provide a positive hospitality experience. Committed to redefining the boundaries, the Planet 21 program demonstrates the Group’s ambitious goals based on four strategic priorities: work with its employees, involve its customers, innovate with its partners and work with local communities. This left me with a guest experience that not only provided enjoyment but did so in an educational, sustainable and environmentally responsible way.

A window to the ocean world

The indulgent overwater bungalows offer privacy and seclusion - Luxury Escapes

I was left to my watery wonderland in an Overwater Pool Villa and immediately found myself on the back deck that stretched out into the blue abyss. It was not long before my neighbours popped by to greet me. First, was a small white-tip reef shark who seemed keen on tormenting the parrot fish that had gathered at the bottom of the ladder from my deck to the ocean. The visits continued throughout my stay and I soon became addicted to what I can only describe as Maldivian TV: glass panels embedded in the floor of my overwater villa beside the bed. These real-life windows to the ocean world provided a look into the action on the coral reef below. Colourful fish meandered about, picking at the coral reef like it was a buffet. The occasional ray would float past before dancing off into the ocean.

While the viewing of the Maldivian TV was spectacular from the comfort of my villa, it was soon time to dive under the ocean surface. I boarded a Maldivian dhoni, a traditional wooden sailing vessel, that sailed me past uninhabited islands scattered like jewels across blue velvet, to my dive site. Descending into the warm waters, I was soon surrounded by an amphitheatre of coral walls teeming with sea life. If the glass panels in the floor of my villa was Maldivian TV, then this was the big screen IMAX blockbuster.

An aerial view of the Pullman Maldives Maamutaa resort and surrounding palm trees and pristine beachfront which is one of the best overwater all-inclusive resorts in the Maldives - Luxury Escapes

On the boat ride back to the resort, the resident marine biologist at Pullman Maldives explained to me the procedures and care the property takes to ensure guests are well-educated and understand how vital it is to protect the surrounding environment.

As part of the Planet 21 program, the property takes steps to protect the environment. Even in the kitchen, there is a ban on the use of overfished species and there is a completely organic garden on the
island. The restaurant Phat Chameleon is one of the region’s first organic, vegetarian and vegan restaurants, set amidst a vegetable and herb garden.

From the moment you arrive on this island, the Pullman Maldives Maamutaa makes sure you haven’t got a care in the world. Each detail is meticulously crafted to cater to transform a holiday into a timeless
memory. Whether basking in the sun, exploring the vibrant marine life, or indulging in sumptuous dining, this all-inclusive resort promises an escape of unparalleled grandeur in the heart of the Maldives.

This article was originally featured in the second issue of Dream by Luxury Escapes magazine. Get your copy here.

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Kate Webster is a travel writer and contributor to Dream by Luxury Escapes.

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