Inspiration Destinations Thailand Mind, Body & Soul: The 5 Best Destinations for Spirituality & Wellness in Thailand

Mind, Body & Soul: The 5 Best Destinations for Spirituality & Wellness in Thailand

August 13, 2023
Dive into Thailand's spiritual and wellness scene with our best locations.

Muay Thai, meditation and Michelin-starred eco-dining – Thailand’s wellness scene is magnificently multifaceted.  

Picture Thailand and what do you see? Glowing lights and roaring markets in Phuket, dancing under the full moon in Koh Pha Ngan and nights in Bangkok you wished would never end. But underneath the surface, there’s a storied history of wellness and millennia-old spirituality that frequent Thai-trotters keep close to their hearts. Unlock the secrets of sound healing in Chiang Mai, learn Muay Thai movements that date back to the 16th century in Phuket and taste your way to wellness in Bangkok– it’s time to become anew in Thailand. 

Hua Hin – home to the 'Best Destination Spa Resort in the World' 

Visit Chiva-Som in Hua Hun, boasting a long list of wellness treatments in Thailand.
Hua Hin, Thailand.

Seeking refuge from the big smoke, Bangkok’s business execs flock to Hua Hin to trade traffic for golf carts, put their phones on DND and tune into the enchanting call of lapping waves. A big part of the Hua Hin health movement was politician-turned-wellness-guru Boonchu Rojanastien, the man behind Chiva-Som – a resort declared the best destination spa in the world by Condé Nast Traveler in 2022. The renowned spa boasts high-profile clientele (think Madonna and Kate Moss) as well as an all-encompassing wellness menu that delivers on every one of its 200 treatments. The chi nei tsang abdominal massage is the spa’s signature and daily free fitness classes, including hatha yoga and Tai Chi, form the base of its extensive wellness programme.  

Koh Samui – holistic wellness and cooking classes

For holistic wellness and incredible rainforests, head to Koh Samui in Thailand.
Koh Samui, Thailand.

Koh Samui is flanked by perfect sea and incredible Thai rainforest, but there’s more to this island than lazing away your days on the palm-fringed sand. With so much to see, do and discover, visitors can pack their itinerary to the brim with soul-stirring experiences. Take time to reflect with a trip up to the Big Buddha, breathe in the beauty of nature at the island’s best viewpoint and reward yourself with wholesome mango sticky rice from the Fisherman’s Village Night Market. If you’re fully committed to your transformation journey, visit Absolute Sanctuary – an award-winning fitness retreat that makes working out feel like a deep-tissue spa treatment – because there is no better place than paradise to become the best you.  

Chiang Mai – sound healing and yoga 

Have a spiritual experience with sound healing and yoga in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The sacred city of Chiang Mai is home to hundreds of elaborate gold-spire Buddhist temples and cultural centres, some dating back as far as the 13th century. This is Thailand’s spiritual heart, where guests can tap into the traditions and holy sites that have shaped Thai culture. Learn about the holistic therapy of reiki and sound healing at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai, where crystal bowls, gongs and chakra balancing sounds are used to influence the mind and body. Enlist the wisdom of a monk to guide you through mindfulness meditation and spend time with your thoughts, wandering through the city’s storied buildings. 

Phuket – Muay Thai and meditation 

Pair beautiful beaches with a Muay Tai class in Phuket.
Phuket, Thailand.

When you touch down in Phuket, you’re faced with colourful 19th-century buildings, Hollywood-worthy beaches and friendly locals welcoming you into buzzing bars – so Muay Thai kickboxing may seem like a far departure from the typical Phuket itinerary. But this full-body workout has deep roots in Thai culture – spanning back to the 16th century – and practising ‘the art of the eight limbs’ might be just the kick you need to achieve holistic wellness. Find your fighting spirit during a stay at COMO Point Yamu and pair your experience with a class from the resort’s extensive wellness schedule, featuring Muay Thai, meditation, pranayama breath techniques and hatha yoga.  

Bangkok – farm-to-table eco-dining 

Bangkok is embracing the move towards sustainable dining and locally sourced menus with an armoury of farm-to-table eateries popping up around the city. With such fresh and flavourful produce growing right in its backyard, Bangkok has used eco-dining to take its restaurants to the Michelin stars. Visit the Michelin and green star-winning Haoma for a degustation full of culinary impact (and little environmental impact) thanks to its zero-waste philosophy. Or book in at 100 Mahaseth for authentic Thai fare, given a chef’s makeover  with whole foods direct from the source. If you’re after one of the world’s best dining experiences, treat yourself to the fish-focused menu at the Michelin-starred 80/20, initially named for its ratio of Thai to imported ingredients but now proudly 100% local.   

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Feature image: Thailand.

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