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Dining in Style: A Guide to Fiji’s Private Dining Options


Immerse yourself in nature and connect with your loved one through an intimate private dining experience at one of Fiji’s most luxurious resorts.

Whether it's a tropical picnic on a private beach or a farm-to-table feast overlooking the surf, there’s no doubt Fiji’s luxury resorts have their own secret spice to make every private dining experience extra special. A unique and intimate way to connect with your loved one and create cherished moments in breathtaking natural surrounds, these are our top four Fiji picks that take wining and dining to the next level.

Yasawa Island Resort

Sprawling views, sparkling beaches and a selection of decadent dining options – the divine Yasawa Island Resort and Spa certainly lives up to its name. Meaning ‘heaven’ in the Fijian language, Yasawa is one of the few places in the world where you’ll be served gourmet dining with a side of total beachside seclusion. There are eleven private beaches on offer for guests to set up for an intimate picnic on the sand, as well as the poolside, a lush garden setting or even relaxing within your luxury room – your romantic dining locations are endless. 

Once you’ve settled on the ‘where’, Yasawa’s executive chef and the team will help you decide on the ‘what’. Delicious menus are created daily: from mouth-watering dishes featuring fresh seafood caught by the local fishermen, to Fijian cuisine and international delicacies. The resort also offers an extensive wine list and cheeky cocktails perfect for pairing with your meal. Bask in the relaxed atmosphere of each location, where the soundtrack to your private dining experience is the soft whisper of the waves against white sands under the glittering sky.

Royal Davui Resort

As one of Fiji’s most private adults-only resorts, Royal Davui Island Resort knows a thing or two about creating an exclusive atmosphere for its guests, and dining is no exception. You can enjoy a romantic beach hut dinner as the sun sets or in the privacy of your own villa. The resort’s expert chefs create delicious dishes using locally sourced ingredients straight from the Pacific Rim and the wine list offers a complimentary selection of international and local wines to match.

The ambience of these private dining experiences is unmatched, with the gentle glow of flickering tiki torches illuminating the area. The resort’s friendly, observant staff ensure that every detail is taken care of, making the experience truly unforgettable.

If you’re looking for a truly unique dining experience, then Royal Davui’s private sand cay picnic is for you. Be whisked away on a short boat ride with your favourite person, stepping off onto a secluded sand cay for a romantic picnic lunch or dinner, complete with a delicious gourmet meal and stunning ocean views. Perched on a sliver of soft white sand surrounded by the turquoise waters, everything is set up for you under the shade of the umbrella, from the picnic blanket to the fresh tropical delicacies, creating the perfect ambience to enjoy a special moment with your loved one. 

Likuliku Lagoon Resort

An untouched slice of paradise, Likuliku Lagoon Resort is more than a wilderness retreat – it is a feast for the senses. Ancient Fijian style melds with modern luxury to create an inviting oasis of on-water and beachside bures, the perfect setting for a romantic dinner or intimate gathering. 

Continuing its vision of combining simplicity with premium quality, Likuliku’s menu is fresh, vibrant, and delightfully creative. Here, you’ll indulge in seasonal Fijian and Pacific Rim cuisine with an international twist – think smoky charcoal lobster slathered in a rich brown butter hollandaise, or coral trout served with crisp lettuce hearts and a bubbling pistou broth. Adding to the magic are your views of Likuliku Lagoon; the resort's restaurant features two private beachside decks and these, along with in-room dining in an overwater bure, provide the perfect backdrop to share a toast under the stars.

Likuliku also offers private beach picnics on nearby Mociu Island, where your leisurely lunch includes a gourmet spread on the sand, surrounded by the resort's lush tropical gardens and stunning ocean views. 

Namale Resort

The spectacular adults-only Namale Resort offers a vast array of private dining options that are truly exceptional. Couples can choose from a variety of intimate locations including a private beach, beside a sparkling waterfall, or ensconced in the candlelit warmth of a seaside cave. You can also indulge while lounging at the cusp of the full-size infinity pool, or from your bure set amid the tropical foliage. 

All of Namale’s private dining experiences are carefully crafted by the resort’s talented chefs, who use fresh, farm-to-table (or ocean-to-table) ingredients to create Fijian-fusion specialties. There’s something on the menu to satisfy your inner gourmand, from its signature chilli mud crab to fresh walu encrusted with a macadamia nut crumb. Elevating each bite is an extensive wine list, featuring some of the best wines from around the world.

Whether you’re celebrating an exciting event or just want a romantic evening with your partner, Namale’s friendly and attentive staff will ensure that every detail is taken care of, from setting the table to providing personalised service throughout your decadent dining moment to remember. 

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