What to see and do in Hawaii

Scenic coastal roads and white-sand beaches, tropical islands, thriving cities, desert dunes and rushing waterfalls – there is nowhere as diversely beautiful as Australia.

5 Reasons Why Maui is the Mother of Family Holidays
November 16, 2021

Life doesn’t get much better for kids than a holiday on ‘The Valley Isle’, the second-largest Hawai‘ian island. Here, we reveal exactly why you need to grab the family and head to one of the many family resorts in Maui. When it comes to family holidays, there are certain boxes parents need to tick to […]

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Five Reasons Why Hawaii Should Top Your Travel List
December 6, 2021

Dreaming of a tropical escape? The Hawai‘ian Islands will not disappoint. Here are our top five reasons why you should pull out your suitcase and visit Hawai‘i. Tropical climate, vast white-sand beaches, multiple national parks, and a rich culture – it’s hard for Hawai‘i to do any wrong. There are plenty of reasons why this […]

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6 Ways to ‘Luxify’ your Hawaii Escape 
June 9, 2022

Turn your Hawaii holiday into a mosaic of luxe moments with these unmissable experiences. A trip to Hawaii can never disappoint, but what if you could turn the luxury up a notch in six easy steps? From a glamorous business class flight with Hawaiian Airlines to a night-time manta ray diving adventure and a five-star […]

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Four Unique Family Experiences in Hawaii 
June 20, 2022

Much more than spectacular sunsets and beautiful beaches, Hawaii is a treasure trove of unique family-friendly experiences just waiting to be discovered.  Looking for the perfect family holiday? Look no further than Hawaii. This sun-soaked destination is filled to the brim with splashy waterparks, surf schools, kaleidoscopic snorkelling, and endless exciting family-friendly adventures. From encountering […]

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Dinner and a Show: The Best Live Entertainment in Hawaii
June 28, 2022

Beyond the postcard-perfect landscapes, the Hawaii islands resonate with colourful culture and traditions. Take in some of its unique live entertainment to experience it for yourself. In addition to pristine beaches with crystal-clear waters, set against lush green valleys and majestic volcanic peaks, the luxury resorts of Hawaii offer a feast for the senses with […]

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Hula girls dancing at sunset||||||||||||
8 Ways to Experience the Real Hawaii 
July 22, 2022

Tap into the true spirit of Hawaii away from the crowds with these authentic experiences. Hawaii has long been a beacon for paradise seekers – thanks to Hollywood shining a light on the state’s jaw-dropping natural landscapes in films and television. It’s one thing to visit a destination, it’s another thing to truly immerse yourself […]

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