Inspiration Destinations India 5 Reasons WelcomHeritage Ayatana is the Ultimate Luxury Resort in Coorg 

5 Reasons WelcomHeritage Ayatana is the Ultimate Luxury Resort in Coorg 

June 17, 2022

Covered in mist, nestled amid coffee hills with a private waterfall and irresistibly secluded, WelcomHeritage Ayatana is your ultimate luxury resort in Coorg.  

Located a six-hour drive from Bengaluru and a four-hour drive from Mangaluru, WelcomHeritage Ayatana is a 100-acre paradise where nature reigns supreme. Concealed from the world and its madness within a rainforest, this secluded oasis hides a cluster of treehouse-inspired cottages, a private waterfall and unrivalled serenity.  

If you are looking to detox and get away from it all, WelcomHeritage Ayatana is the ultimate luxury resort in Coorg. 

Treehouse-inspired cottages, gourmet cuisine & a lavish spa 

Scattered along a stream in one of Karnataka’s most famous hill stations, every tree-house-inspired cottage at WelcomHeritage Ayatana is designed for maximum comfort and promises to bring you closer to Mother Nature with a cosy bed, spacious bathroom and contemporary amenities. Retreat to your private balcony and enjoy the musical notes of nature while you sip a hot cup of coffee.  

Make your way down to the restaurant, Glass House, where a lip-smacking array of multi-culinary delights await you. A little tip: grab a table out in the open where you can feast your eyes upon the resort’s waterfall as you relish delicious meals. Sip on handcrafted cocktails and drinks at The Forest Tavern, the resort’s waterfall-facing bar.  

Of course, you can’t truly unwind without making a pitstop at the spa. The Wilderness Spa at WelcomHeritage Ayatana Coorg will alleviate your stress with its lavish therapies and massages.  

Home to a private waterfall 

Imagine sitting down by a cascading waterfall minus the crowds. WelcomHeritage Ayatana is one of the few luxury resorts in Coorg to boast a waterfall of its own. The entire resort is designed to face the waterfall, the prime attraction that you don’t have to share with anyone else. This seasonal wonder roars to life every monsoon (June-Sep) and makes for an awe-inspiring sight. An absolute favourite with visitors, the waterfall is also great for a refreshing swim. Don’t forget to take some amazing pictures with this sparkling natural phenomenon as the backdrop – you’re sure to be the envy of your family and friends. 

Features a waterfall-facing infinity pool 

Only Ayatana Coorg could make a private waterfall more enticing with an equally gorgeous infinity pool. Head out early morning or late afternoon and find yourself one of just a few floating away in the pool. The tranquility is heightened with serene birdsong and the cascades of the waterfall as your soundtrack. Round out your swimming session curled up with a good book or drink in one of the pool’s lounge chairs.  

Close to Coorg’s famous attractions 

You won’t want or need to leave this hilly paradise but if you can manage to pull yourself away from WelcomHeritage Ayatana’s charms, Coorg’s most famous attractions are easily accessible. Embark on your sojourn to the magnificent Mallalli Falls, less than a 10-minute drive from the resort. Fed by River Kumaradhara, Mallalli Falls is nestled in the foothills of Pushpagiri Ranges and cascade down from a height of 200 metres, making for a breathtaking sight. The best time to visit this cascading wonder is during the monsoon season, when dark clouds, mist and a romantic drizzle come together to create an unforgettable sight. 

If views are what you need, head to Raja’s Seat in Madikeri town, where you can feast your eyes upon panoramic views of the town and valley – the perfect spot for a sunrise or sunset visit. Coorg is dotted with sky-high mountains and hills that are every trekker’s paradise. Pushpagiri, Kumaraparvatha, Kottebetta... test your limits with many iconic trekking trails within easy reach.  

Easily accessible from metro cities 

WelcomHeritage Ayatana Coorg boasts one of the most secluded locations in the Kodagu district, almost invisible to the outside world. Hidden within a lush rainforest, peppered with thickets of trees, plantations and more, this luxury resort in Coorg is a paradise of its own. Despite its seclusion, it’s easily accessible from major metro cities and international airports. WelcomHeritage Ayatana Coorg is a six-hour drive from Bengaluru, a four-hour drive from Mangaluru and merely a three-hour drive from Mysuru. The journey itself is scenic as it takes you through winding roads, mesmerising mountains and endless spice and coffee plantations. 

Experience this luxury resort in Coorg for yourself with Luxury Escapes’ once-in-a-lifetime offer to WelcomHeritage Ayatana Coorg.

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