Inspiration Destinations Australia Queensland Taste the Outback with All-Inclusive Dining at Mt. Mulligan Lodge, QLD  

Taste the Outback with All-Inclusive Dining at Mt. Mulligan Lodge, QLD  


Mt. Mulligan Lodge in Queensland offers an all-inclusive culinary journey in the Australian outback like no other.

Immerse yourself in the essence of the outback as you bask in the presence of North Queensland's awe-inspiring Mount Mulligan, lovingly referred to as Ngarrabullgan by the Indigenous people. At Mt. Mulligan Lodge, you can get a true taste of this enchanting setting through the all-inclusive dining experience it offers. Against the backdrop of breathtaking vistas, indulge in a feast of delectable cuisine crafted from locally sourced ingredients and fresh produce straight from land and sea. Savour the luxuries of the outback, experiencing authentic flavours only Mt. Mulligan Lodge can deliver. 

Start the day with a delicious breakfast 

Mt. Mulligan Lodge
The main pavilion.

Your mornings begin with the iconic Mt. Mulligan breakfast. Choose from a classic Australian a la carte menu that offers a range of delectable options, including fluffy eggs prepared to your liking, mouth-watering smoked barramundi omelette accompanied by flavourful nduja beans, and creamy avocado toast. For those with a sweet tooth, the pancakes and sourdough crumpets will undoubtedly satisfy your cravings. The Mt. Mulligan breakfast is a culinary experience that sets the tone for a memorable day in the outback. 

Admire the views while sharing lunch 

Mt. Mulligan Lodge
The views of Mt. Mulligan.

Indulge in a family-style dining experience with lunch at Mt. Mulligan Lodge, where the focus is on showcasing the finest locally sourced, seasonal produce. Delight in the unique flavours of buffalo crocodile paired with fermented chilli and ranch sauce or savour the delicate baby barramundi infused with bush tamarind. If you're craving something heartier, the smoked brisket in maple whisky is an excellent choice. Each dish is crafted with care, ensuring that every bite is a true celebration of the outback's culinary treasures. 

Celebrate the day with a delectable dinner 

Mt. Mulligan Lodge
Take time to appreciate the exquisite nature that surrounds you while you dine.

As the sun sinks below the horizon, transforming the outback into a mesmerising backdrop, evenings at Mt. Mulligan Lodge offer a harmonious blend of relaxation and luxury. Each dish is a masterpiece of taste and presentation, from the succulent coral trout to the tantalising popcorn octopus and the exquisitely aged duck. For an extraordinary experience that transcends ordinary dining, consider upgrading to the signature Dining Under the Stars experience. This intimate seven-course dinner takes place by the tranquil water, under the enchanting canopy of stars, creating an ambience that is perfect for commemorating a special occasion or simply forging unforgettable memories. 

Perfectly pair every meal with hand-selected drinks 

Mt. Mulligan Lodge
Watch the sun set as you sip on the perfectly paired wine.

To enhance the flavours of your dining experience, Mt. Mulligan Lodge presents a hand-selected collection of Australian wines, beers, spirits and soft drinks. Imagine yourself poolside, savouring a refreshing cocktail while losing yourself in the breathtaking vistas of Mount Mulligan. Whether it's a crisp glass of wine, a chilled beer or a perfectly mixed cocktail, the drinks selection at Mt. Mulligan Lodge ensures every sip complements the flavours of the outback. 

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