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How to Capture the Perfect Gold Coast Photos on Your Next Trip

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Expert photographer Kim Akrigg shares her top tips for capturing that perfect Gold Coast holiday snap.

Photographer Kim Akrigg has been dabbling in photography since she was 17 years old. She started her career shooting fashion and lifestyle before moving into travel.

After relocating to the Gold Coast several years ago, Kim fell in love with Queensland’s sun-filled city, which is now one of Australia’s most iconic holiday destinations.

It's not hard to see why: with a sandy coast fringed by silver skyscrapers, theme parks, award-winning restaurants and craft breweries, the Gold Coast offers a diverse range of landscapes waiting to be photographed.

There’s a vast playground for those behind the lens, with 52 kilometres of sugar-fine sandy beaches, epic fiery sunsets, lush subtropical rainforests, sun-kissed vineyards, cascading waterfalls and mountain lookouts. Here, Kim provides tips on how to capture these stunning landscapes like a pro.

Image by Kim, courtesy of Travelshoot.

1: Tell us a bit about yourself? 

I started taking photos at 17 before starting up my photography business at 19. What began as a hobby grew into a full-on business. I originally focused on fashion photography, which evolved to lifestyle photography. In the early years, I shot everything from food to live band performances and everything in between, until settling into the work I do now with Travelshoot.

2: What do you love about living and working on the Gold Coast?

Originally from Canada, I came to the Gold Coast by chance through a spontaneous wedding photography job. The moment I arrived I fell in love with this city, and it became home. My favourite thing about the Gold Coast is the weather – the amount of sunshine we get is amazing. The city’s changed a lot since I moved here and I’m loving all the cute cafés and restaurants that have popped up.

Image by Kim, courtesy of Travelshoot.

3: What are your top 5 places to capture the best photos?

You’ll find me snapping away in and around the Gold Coast in my favourite spots including the rocks at Nobby's Beach, a favourite beach among families and surfers alike. The Spit at Main Beach with its instantly recognisable jetty. The secret swimming hole at Currumbin Rock Pools, a locally loved oasis within the lush Currumbin Valley. Out in the lush green hinterland, where ancient national parks, vineyards, farmers markets are aplenty. And of course, Burleigh Beach and Tallebudgera for epic sunrises.

4: Why do you think the Gold Coast makes for incredible photos?

The light here at golden hour is just incredible. That combined with the variety of landscapes you can find, from beach to waterfalls and tropical rainforest means there’s always something new to capture.

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Image by Kim, courtesy of Travelshoot.

5 Any expert tips on how to capture the perfect shot using your phone?

The key to any good photo is great lighting. This is especially important when using a phone where bad lighting is less forgiving. Aim to capture photos either early in the morning or late afternoon as the sun at a lower angle in the sky makes a huge difference to the quality of your photos. Getting out either early or quite late means less people, better light and you’ll be able to avoid the heat in summer. A lot of people think the middle of the day is best, but the hot sun casts harsh shadows and the beaches can be busy then. 

To get more creative with your photos, I always encourage people to try shooting with prime lenses. These lenses don’t have a zoom feature, which usually means sharper images and better lowlight performance. Plus, it forces you to move around to get different shots, and in the process, you can discover something even more interesting that you might not have noticed with a zoom lens. Also, the app 'Tezza' is super handy for editing on the fly. 

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