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6 Reasons to Go on a Solo Cruise 

February 5, 2024
A solo traveller onboard a Virgin Voyages cruise ship, showing reasons to go on a solo cruise

The tide has turned: today, it’s hello to solo-geared cruising. 

It's official: solo travel is getting increasingly cruisey.

Cruise lines are catering more and more to those exploring the world solo, offering single cabins with all the usual comforts and none of the additional fees. Players such as Norwegian Cruise Lines and Virgin Voyages are revolutionising the game with adults-only journeys and experiences tailored to the solo adventurer, like onboard meet-ups for connecting with like-minded individuals.  

Read on to discover how solo cruising is making waves like never before.

1. Many cruise lines now offer single cabins 

The rising popularity of solo travelling has seen a wave of cruise lines open up more solo cabins than ever before: with no twin-cabin surcharges. Operators including Norwegian Cruise Line, Holland America Line, Royal Caribbean and Virgin Voyages are increasingly catering to independent travellers, with solo occupancy upgrades available, too. In the Holland America fleet, Koningsdam has dedicated solo cabins offering ocean views and all the same amenities as the double-occupancy cabins, differentiated only by the cabin size and bedding.  

2. You can make lifelong friends with onboard meet-ups 

What better way to meet fellow companions than altogether on a state-of-the-art ship? Smaller, more intimate vessels can make it easier to get to know your fellow travellers, or opt for a cruise line that facilitates new friendships onboard. The adults-only Virgin Voyages makes it easy to share your itinerary with new friends through its mobile app. It curates regular social events to bring solo travellers together, whether it be an intimate shore excursion or a group 'grog walk' (aka pub crawl) along the ship's various bars.  

3. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see incredible destinations 

The Princess Cruises Royal Princess vessel in Alaska is one of the reasons to go on a solo cruise in order to see some incredible destinations
Royal Princess, Princess Cruises.

There’s a whole world out there, so why wait? The perk of cruising is that you can see multiple destinations all in one holiday. There's no need to worry about constantly having to re-pack your things, book domestic flights, or arrange transportation – in this world, you simply cruise on by. Each morning, wake up knowing you’re either on your way to a dream location, taking in endless ocean views, or opening your eyes to a new country, waiting to be explored.  

4. More likeminded travellers are cruising than ever before 

Cruising is an excellent way to meet like-minded travellers. According to Celebrity Cruises, solo cruisers increased by 225% in the year to March 2023. Experience new destinations alongside others who think and feel the same way about travelling solo, whether you go dog-sledding across Alaska or exploring far-flung Caribbean islands.  

5. It’s a safer way to travel solo 

The Royal Caribbean Quantum of the Seas at sea on its way to an incredible cruise destination, and one of the reasons to go on a solo cruise
Quantum of the Seas, Royal Caribbean.

In the world of solo travelling, safety is always a factor that needs to be considered. On a cruise, as much as the staff are there to assist and attend to you, they also play an equally important role in keeping you safe both on and off the ship. It’s best to book excursions and tours through your cruise line: for example, Princess Cruises is known to organise a vast selection of onshore excursions that allow you to explore, with staff on-hand to ensure you do so safely. 

6. It’s your holiday, your way 

A woman onboard the Princess Cruises Sun Princess cruise ship enjoying a massage, another reason to go on a solo cruise
Sun Princess, Princess Cruises.

Cruising solo is the definition of ‘you do you’. One of the biggest benefits is that you have no one to please but yourself. Do you want to experience as many onshore excursions as possible? Find a secret beach or quaint cafe to spend the day people-watching? Or simply flop and drop by the on-deck pool, cinema, or restaurant? No matter your holiday style, doing it solo is the key to getting it right.  

Feature image: Holland America Line.

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