Inspiration News Qatar Airways Unveils World-First AI Flight Attendant

Qatar Airways Unveils World-First AI Flight Attendant

April 4, 2024
Doha, featuring a member of Qatar Airways cabin crew, which recently welcomed Sana 2.0 as the world's first AI flight attendant - Luxury Escapes

Qatar Airways demonstrates the future of virtual flight assistance with conversational AI Sama 2.0

Revealed at the recent ITB Berlin 2024 tourism trade fair, the English-speaking Sama 2.0 is purported to be the world’s first digital cabin crew powered by artificial intelligence. Accessible through the Qatar Airways app, as well as QVerse – the airline’s dedicated metaverse – Sama 2.0 is designed to learn from customer interactions, offering comprehensive support and travel planning tips based on customers’ preferences.

Showcasing the ‘digital human technology’, developed in partnership with UneeQ, Qatar Airways announced its ambitions to “enhance the digital travel experience”. Vice President Marketing, Babar Rahman, says “Sama 2.0 represents our relentless pursuit of innovation, and embodies Qatar Airways’ values of exceptional service and hospitality.”

While Sama 2.0 launches as an English-speaking assistant, plans to expand language capabilities will see the artificial intelligence offer fluent Arabic later this year, alongside real-time translation both in-app and aboard Qatar Airways flights.

The introduction of Sama 2.0 is part of Qatar Airways' dedicated effort to push the industry forward, collaborating with innovative experts on pioneering products. According to UneeQ CEO Danny Tomsett, Sama 2.0 is a means of "blending technology with empathy and personalisation, providing an innovative solution that aligns with Qatar Airways’ reputation for world-class service. She's a testament to the endless possibilities of AI, capable of delivering personalised and engaging interactions that mirror human conversation.”

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