Inspiration Explore 6 Reasons to Hire a Travel Photographer For Your Next Trip

6 Reasons to Hire a Travel Photographer For Your Next Trip

November 5, 2021
|A female in a yellow dress is hugging a man in a blue shirt with the white houses ofSantorini and the ocean in the background|||

Snapping a quick shot on your phone is one thing, but capturing a series of perfect moments throughout your travels is a whole other level...  

Within moments of arriving at a destination, your camera is sure to fill with hundreds – if not thousands – of photos and videos of your travels. But the shot that always seems to be missing? One with everyone in it, one that is in focus, where the background is perfectly framed and there’s not a selfie stick in sight. 

We spoke to Sarah Pearce, founder and General Manager of Travelshoot — a service that connects travellers to photographers in more than 90 cities globally — to find out why hiring a travel photographer is a must-do for your next trip. 

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Locals know best   

The best people to help you unearth the secrets of a destination are the ones who live there – and local photographers around the world are itching to show visitors their home city through a local lens. Not only will they help frame, capture and edit a handful of high-quality photos for you to look back on, they’ll also happily steer you through hidden laneways, point out the best eateries and bars nearby or help you strike up a conversation with locals.   

A female in a yellow dress is hugging a man in a blue shirt with the white houses ofSantorini and the ocean in the background

Sarah says the experience is a win-win for both the photographer and the traveller. 

“Something we actually underestimated about the experience is how much our network of photographers love sharing their insights about their home city, and we love hearing about all the local tips our customers get from spending an hour with them.” 

Forget about awkward poses   

You can be forgiven for assuming a travel photo shoot may result in a handful of awkwardly staged images – yet this couldn’t be further from the truth. Great photographers have long mastered the art of ensuring their subjects are relaxed, comfortable and completely at ease to ensure authentic moments shine through in each photo.

A male and a female are holding hands walking along the edge of an ocean pool at Bodhi beach the the sun setting the the background,

This means you can focus on enjoying your trip while wholeheartedly immersing yourself in the atmosphere of a new destination, and your designated photographer can help bring those memories to life. 

No need for selfies 

If you’re a solo traveller, there’s no reason your travel snaps should be limited to selfie sticks. Thanks to the help of a travel photographer, you can forget having to stand precariously on a mountaintop trying to get the right shot, or asking someone at dinner to take your photo, only to find it’s blurry.  

Instead, you can enjoy the experience of documenting your travels in style, and having a skilled eye behind the lens is the perfect way for solo travellers to capture a more candid and natural shot. Whether it’s strolling through the graffitied laneways of Melbourne, taking a up-close portrait at sunset or attempting a ‘jumping’ shot in front of the Eiffel Tower, you're sure to walk away with meaningful images to share with loved ones, or frame when you return home.

Get everyone in the frame 

A travel photographer captures an image of a male and a female are walking around the edge of a lake in Queenstown holding the hands of a small child.

On every trip, there’s often one person who will generously capture photos of the group. The downside? That person misses out time and time again from being in the shot (more often that not, it’s Mum right?).  

The constant dilemma of asking, ‘Who wants to take the photo?’ is immediately removed with the help of a local travel photographer.

“We see a lot of mums booking Travelshoot experiences as  they’ve missed out on being featured in family photos for years, and for their kids' sake, they want to capture everyone together.” Sarah explains. “We all know how hard it is to get nice photos with small children, so it’s nice that mums are putting themselves back in the frame and letting someone else do the hard work for them.”  

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Get good shots every time 

It’s common for photographers to be present at weddings, anniversaries, graduation ceremonies and milestone birthdays– and your travels should be no exception. 

Photographers across the globe are trained professionals who know how to combine all the elements to create a collection of images worth framing and to pass on through the generations. There’s a reason people call on professionals and it’s because of their understanding of how to use angles, lighting, background, focus and a ton of creative flair.

Create the perfect keepsake  

Fridge magnets, coffee mugs, shot glasses or ticket stubs all make for excellent souvenirs, but photographs are a lasting and beautiful way to relive your travel memories.  

Preserve your experiences from around the world forever with the high-quality photo you can print, frame, and hold onto before the memories fade.   

Four females are walking in front of a temple in Bali all linking arms and smiling and have their photo captured by a travel photographer.

Images courtesy of Travelshoot

Feeling inspired to capture your travels with the help of a pro? Learn more about Travelshoot here.   

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