Inspiration Explore Everything You Need to Know About Mediterranean Cruises

Everything You Need to Know About Mediterranean Cruises

Find out everything you need to know about Mediterranean Cruises - Luxury Escapes

Historic cities, sun-kissed beaches and vibrant markets: unlock the secrets of the Mediterranean in one single journey.

Thinking about a sunny European cruise but not sure where to start? From the best departure port to the ideal booking time, there is a lot to consider when planning the perfect trip to this magical corner of the world. With so many different cruise lines and itineraries, choosing the right one can be a minefield. That’s why we’re here to give you all tips and tricks on everything you need to know about cruises in the Mediterranean.

Read on for a complete guide to your Mediterranean cruise.

Are Mediterranean cruises worth it?

Absolutely. With a dreamy blend of history, culture, cuisine and natural beauty, the countries lining the Mediterranean are a true gem, and a cruise is one of the best ways to experience it all in one go, minus the stress of making your own itinerary. Aboard a Med cruise, you can marvel at striking architecture in Barcelona or wander the narrow whitewashed streets of Mykonos one moment, and savour authentic Neapolitan pizza another — no day is the same. Best of all, a cruise ship makes for a practical way to explore these bucket list destinations without the hassle of constant packing and unpacking.

Do I need a visa for a Mediterranean cruise?

Visa requirements depend on your nationality and the countries you'll visit enroute. For Aussies heading to Europe, a visa shouldn’t be required if countries visited are within the Schengen area — this includes popular stops like Croatia, France, Greece, Italy and Spain. If you’re European, of course, you can visit other EU countries visa-free. Some destinations like Turkey generally require a tourist visa, but this is waived for cruise ships if the visit is limited to the city where the ship docks. If you don’t fall into these categories or just feel a bit unsure, it’s always a good idea to triple check these requirements, and your cruise line can steer you in the right direction.

When is the best time to go on a Mediterranean cruise?

The best travel time can vary depending on your dream destinations and travel preferences. You may want to aim for milder weather and less crowds when getting in your step count and ticking off each city’s main attractions. The shoulder seasons are a great time for Greek island hopping if you want to avoid peak influx of travellers. If you’re not put off by the heat, the islands are equally stunning and all the more lively during peak summer, and the French Riviera or Amalfi Coast call for sun-soaked cocktails at pretty much any time from spring to autumn. For cruises with more days spent at sea, the warmer months are best for blue skies and smoother sailing conditions, but with heaps of indoor entertainment onboard, you’re in for a pleasant journey regardless.

When is the best time/how far in advance to book a Mediterranean cruise?

To make sure your dream cruise has availability and your preferred cabin type, you should aim to book a few months in advance — especially if you’re travelling during the popular summer months. With its rich history, stunning coastlines and vibrant cultures, the Mediterranean is a top choice for many, so some cruises can sell out quickly. Planning early also gives you time to research and compare different cruise lines and itineraries, ensuring you get the best bang for your buck. If you prefer to keep things spontaneous, keep an eye out for last minute deals. You can’t really go wrong with a Med cruise, so even the last remaining spots are sure to leave you in awe at the beauty of this extraordinary region.

How much is a Mediterranean cruise?

Whether you’re willing to splash out on the perfect European journey or you have limited expenses, there is a cruise for every budget. Adjusting the length of your trip is a good way to bring the price down, with some shorter cruises starting from just $1,300 AUD (approx. 800€ EUR) per person and still offering some of the most iconic destinations like Rome and Barcelona. On the other end of the spectrum are true ultra-luxurious itineraries and cruises, ranging from around $7,000 to $12,000 AUD (4,200 to 7,200 EUR) per person depending on whether you opt for a cosy ocean view cabin or a lavish suite.

Where does a Mediterranean cruise go?

A Med cruise will stop at countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, ranging from Athens and Istanbul to Valencia and Dubrovnik. Every cruise is different and follows diverse routes, and every stop offers something unique, from pristine beaches and crystal clear waters to ancient ruins and vibrant cityscapes. Italy, Spain, France, Turkey and Greece are some of the most popular destinations onboard Mediterranean cruises; some voyages focus just on the idyllic Greek islands, and others can visit up to eight different countries on a single itinerary - ideal for those looking to tick off multiple bucket list destinations in one epic journey.

Where does a Mediterranean cruise depart from?

Set sail on your Mediterranean odyssey from popular departure points like Barcelona, Athens or Istanbul, each making for a great destination to explore prior to your sail date. Barcelona beckons with its vibrant energy, where you can explore Gaudí's architectural wonders and lively Spanish nightlife before boarding your luxury liner. Athens, the cradle of Western civilization, is the perfect place to immerse yourself in history before setting sail for the sun-drenched Greek Isles. Alternatively, Istanbul, the mesmerising city where East meets West, offers a captivating blend of historical landmarks, vibrant bazaars and culinary delights to get you in the mood for further Mediterranean exploration.

How do I choose the best Mediterranean cruise?

Choosing the perfect cruise is all about finding the right mix of dreamy destinations and onboard experiences. Start by envisioning your ideal itinerary — are you drawn to the romance of Santorini, the history of Dubrovnik, or the vibrant energy of Valencia? Or perhaps you want a cruise which has a bit of everything? Once you’ve found the cruises that tick all your boxes, choose the ship that you can picture yourself lounging on in between each city break, and the rest is smooth sailing!

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