Inspiration Destinations Thailand Best of the Best: Bangkok’s Top-Rated Restaurants 

Best of the Best: Bangkok’s Top-Rated Restaurants 


Travelling to the Thai capital? Plan your culinary adventures in advance with our list of Bangkok’s top restaurants.  

Bangkok is by far the largest city in Thailand and is known for its lively, fast-paced and multicultural lifestyle. Its nightlife is whirring with sounds, colours, and smells that will leave your senses tingling. Big bustling cities around the world are known for their gastronomy, and Bangkok’s most popular cuisine certainly won’t disappoint. While the street food in Bangkok is undeniably incredible, the luxury restaurants are well worth treating yourself to. With exquisite menus and stunning views, here are some of the best luxury restaurants Thailand’s capital has to offer.  

Issaya Siamese Club – Garden-side indulgence 

Housed in a 100-year-old heritage building with multiple levels, including a garden terrace, a substantial private dining room and lounge space for large parties, Issaya Siamese Club has something for everyone. Inspired by an old-school ‘members’ club’, Issaya Siamese club boasts a bold-coloured interior and farm-to-table fine dining. Issaya, which means rainy season, has a beautiful garden that thrives in the rain. This gorgeous restaurant and lounge draws guests in with its traditional Thai design blended with a contemporary and fresh twist. 

Issaya Siamese Club launched its cuisine journey in December 2011 and has been a Bangkok staple ever since. With a constantly changing menu, it attributes a modern spin to its traditional Thai cuisine. Chef Kittichai provides signature Thai dishes such as Massaman Curry Lamb Shank and Jasmine Flower Flan, but also boasts a bountiful rotating tasting menu that emphasizes seasonal cuisine. Chef Kittichai’s garden features many fragrant Thai herbs that grow throughout the year, which are used in the restaurant’s superb dishes. The food is plated elegantly, showing off the restaurant’s attention to detail and care, not only for flavour but also for a luxurious atmosphere. Dining at Issaya Siamese Club is an unforgettable restaurant experience. 

Mezzaluna – fine Japanese dining with a French twist

Sitting on floor 65 of Lebua at State Tower, Mezzaluna combines lovely French cuisine with the exquisite subtleties of Japanese ingredients, creating a luxurious richness that will not be forgotten. The restaurant offers impressive five and seven-course set menus that rotate with the seasons, so you always get the freshest ingredients. Before each intriguing course is explained in detail, you can expect to receive a palate refresher to get your tastebuds ready for your next dish. Every table at Mezzaluna presents the best views of Chao Phraya River and the Bangkok skyline through double-height windows. With inspiring tastes and an ambience to leave your heart full, Mezzaluna is sure to give you a dining experience of a lifetime. 

Vertigo – rooftop restaurant with sunset views

At what seems like the top of the world, Vertigo offers a rooftop dining experience in one of the tallest buildings in Asia. Vertigo is held at the pinnacle of the Banyan Tree Bangkok on the 61st floor and hosts a breathtaking 360-degree view of Bangkok’s stunning horizon. This must-visit luxury restaurant features a host of delicious a la carte menu items, as well as three- or four-course set dinners.  

Ranging from extravagant seafood dishes to extraordinary steak dinners and vegetarian options, this trendy rooftop restaurant is regarded as one of the best dining experiences in Bangkok. Arrive at 6pm when they open for a chance to see the breathtaking sunset over the city skyline. Vertigo offers an escape from the busy streets of Bangkok and reinforces why eating alfresco reigns supreme.  

Pizza Massilia Ruam Rudee – gourmet Italian kitchen

If you are looking for a decadent Italian dining experience in the heart of Bangkok, look no further. Pizza Massilia Ruam Rudee will satisfy any Italian food lover. Regarded as one of the first gourmet pizzerias in Thailand, this traditional Italian restaurant matures and leavens its dough for over 72 hours to get the perfect texture in its pizza crusts. Pizza Massilia Ruam Rudee imports only the best produce from Italy and France, creating a traditional Italian taste that cannot be beaten.  

Luxury pizza is not the only thing this Italian kitchen is known for. Its delicious pasta and stand-out appetizers such as baby squid bouillabaisse are sure to give any food lover a true taste sensation. Chef Luca’s motto is ‘do it with passion, do it better’: and you can certainly taste the passion he puts into his wonderful food. 

Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin – Thai-inspired gastronomy with a contemporary touch

Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin is one of three restaurants situated inside the magnificent Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok. Gastronomes and food lovers around the world flock here for a chance to dine at this award-winning restaurant. Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin is highly established for contemporary cuisine at its finest.  

Through a la carte or the four, six or eight-course set dinner menus, guests experience ingenuity and creativity in cooking unlike anywhere else in the world. The conventional flavours of Thai dishes are preserved in Sra Bua’s delicately arranged plating. A modern twist comes through in the curry that has the consistency and temperature of ice cream, or the mouth-watering lobster bites confined within gooey pearls that dissolve in your mouth with a mouthful of Tom Yum soup. Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin is sure to leave you wanting more.  

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