Inspiration Asia 5 Reasons Why a Small-Group Tour is the Best Way to Discover China

5 Reasons Why a Small-Group Tour is the Best Way to Discover China

September 21, 2023

Expert local insight, logistics all in hand, multiple destinations and transport covered: discover why touring is optimal way to uncover the wonders of China.

China’s diverse cultural heritage is a challenge to fit into one itinerary. With limited time to see myriad unforgettable destinations, from the regal Forbidden City to the ancient Zhujiajiao Water Town, there’s no better way to experience China than by joining a small-group tour. Guided by experts and guaranteed to hit the must-see spots, you can spend your days exploring bustling Beijing and sparkling Shanghai knowing the details are already sorted.

Read on to discover the top five reasons you should visit China by tour.

Ready to uncover these Chinese treasures? Check out this China 2024 Small-Group Tour from Beijing to Shanghai with Great Wall of China, Forbidden City, Confucius Temple & Suzhou Canals.

1. You can delve deeper into China's diverse history with expert local guidance

Beijing's Temple of Heaven, built during the Ming Dynasty era in the 15th century.

China has over 4,000 years of recorded history within an array of cultures. There’s no shortage of architecture, art or history, which means you’ll want to do a lot of research to get the most out of your experience. Better to leave it to the pros, no? Sure, a decent guide can help you avoid the afternoon rush at the famously hectic Suzhou Museum, but a local expert will offer insights you won’t find in any guidebook. Uncover the celestial inspiration behind the Temple of Heaven’s circular Imperial Vault and learn about the life and teachings of renowned philosopher Confucius. Hear how grand dynasties rose and fell, uncover differing regions’ heritage through their aromatic cuisine – your knowledgeable guide will show you the way.

2. You'll catch sweeping panoramas without the planning dramas

One of the seven wonders of the world, the Great Wall of China.

It’s hard to take in a land as vast and varied as China. Far-reaching forests and mountain passes paint a striking backdrop for the imposing Great Wall. Elsewhere, the stalls of vibrant Yuyuan Bazaar beckon, while the gilded Temple of Confucius austerely awaits in Qufu. With so much ground to cover, the logistics can get complex pretty fast. But with a meticulously curated tour itinerary, logistics from entrance fees to transport hire are taken care of. No need to worry about navigating crowds and opening hours – those particulars have been mapped ahead of time, so you can focus on all the spectacular sights and experiences.

3. You get to enjoy the journey and the destination

The canals of Suzhou are well worth the journey.

The Mutianyu Pass up north is sure to leave you speechless, and there’s no doubt you’ll love the enchanting canals and gardens of maritime Suzhou in the southeast, but how to get from A to B? Rather than worry your time away translating train timetables and budgeting taxi fares, rest easy knowing the schedules are checked and tickets booked. A tour with private airport transfers and air-conditioned coach transport keeps you comfortable and on the move, and included high-speed train travel means you can kick back to watch enchanting scenery roll by your window.

4. You won't want to miss a moment of the best sights

The Forbidden City of Beijing.

China’s great cities are worlds all of their own, from Beijing to Shanghai and beyond. Joining a small-group tour there means you’ll be served the best bang for your … yuan. Gaze in awe at UNESCO World Heritage Sites, from storied Tiananmen Square and the imposing red walls of the Forbidden City to the high-reaching beauty of the Temple of Heaven. With the right guidance, you can do it all and still have leisure to lose yourself in the local street life after.

5. You can be your own tour guide with abundant spare time

Explore Shanghai at your own pace in free time.

Exploring a sprawling megalopolis like Shanghai could be the foundation for a tour in itself. You might feel pressured to pack every moment with museums, galleries and temples, but this city really shines when you spend some time exploring it freely. Use your downtime to join the crowds along busy Nanjing Road, sampling delicious street food and shopping for the perfect souvenir. Or take in the city’s sparkling skyline during a cruise along the Huangpu River. Take a small-group tour with a well-considered daily itinerary and give yourself the gift of time to welcome the unexpected.

Ready to uncover these Chinese treasures? Check out this China 2024 Small-Group Tour from Beijing to Shanghai with Great Wall of China, Forbidden City, Confucius Temple & Suzhou Canals.

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