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Bucket List Bars: Why Rock Bar in Bali Should Be at the Top of Your List

July 13, 2023

Discover why Rock Bar, with its picture-perfect cliffside setting at the AYANA Estate in Bali, is ranked as one of the world’s best bars.

If Bali is known as ‘The Island of the Gods’, then Rock Bar must be its hedonistic haven. Declared as one of the best hotel bars in the world by Travel + Leisure, Forbes, CNN and the New York Times, this celebrated cliff-top escape is just one of the jewels in the crown of the AYANA Estate and AYANA Villas, a five-star mega-resort overlooking Jimbaran Bay.

Perfectly perched for sunset soaking, cocktail drinking and dancing to DJ sets, there’s absolutely no excuse not to put Rock Bar at the top of your Bali bucket list.

The views

Looking for the best sunset in Bali? It’s hard to beat Rock Bar’s coveted position along Jimbaran’s sunset coast. Perched 14 metres above the Indian Ocean, this clifftop bar delivers serious wow-factor thanks to an open-air design that allows for 360-degree views of crashing ocean waves and a fiery horizon come dusk.

The jaw-dropping drama begins before you’ve even found your table – enter the bar by descending the cliff face in an inclinator to enjoy aerial views of both the bar and crashing waves beyond. If you want to skip the queues and are feeling fit enough, you can always opt to take the stairs instead.

Food & drinks

You may come to Rock Bar in Bali for the sunset, but you'll stay for the cocktails. The curated cocktail list takes inspiration from its surroundings, seamlessly blending classic flavours with Indonesian ingredients. Stay cool with a Rock My World, a refreshing combination of kaffir and lemongrass-infused vodka, yuzu purée, pineapple, lemon and orange. If you prefer something a little spicier, sip on the Rockatonic, which blends dried-fig-infused dry gin, orange bitters and white vermouth.

There are also local and international beers, an extensive wine list and energising juices and mocktails to suit all kinds of tastebuds. The food is top-notch – snack on tapas like crispy calamari, popcorn chicken or sushi, or settle in for larger plates, such as lobster orzo or pizza from the nearby Sami Sami Restaurant.

The vibe

There'll be no 'just rolled off the beach' looks here, expect snap-happy visitors striving to get the perfect sunset photo while dressed to the nines (as per the dress code). A resident DJ plays cool, low-fi beats during the day, but when the sun sets and the sky is sprinkled with stars, the air is filled with toe-tapping tunes from live bands who perform on the elevated Round Bar.

Sit back and relax while friendly staff bring you plates of mouthwatering Mediterranean-inspired dishes and lavish cocktails mixed by world-class bartenders. While all this is happening around you, the constant crashing of waves at the base of the cliff is the perfect soundtrack to your blissful Bali experience.

The design

Rock Bar’s design is a minimalist affair: the view really is the star of the show here. Architect Yasuhiro Koichi of Japan's Design Studio SPIN worked with the natural formation of the rock to create a design that celebrates the stunning natural scenery.

The main bar is a masterpiece. It was created by Japanese glass artist Seiki Torige, who used thousands of layers of recycled glass canes to create a monument of gleaming glass and smooth stone, backlit by the orange glow of sunset. DJs hit the decks from the custom-built DJ booth that’s been carved right into the rock face. Meanwhile, wooden deck areas and varying levels of seating offer extra vantage points to admire the ocean views.

The resort

If you want to secure the best sunset-viewing seats Bali’s Rock Bar has to offer, then opt for a stay at the five-star AYANA Estate, a world-class escape above Jimbaran Bay. These exclusive seats are reserved for resort guests only who can enjoy a prime location close to the main bar, as well as a guarantee to skip the line for the inclinator.

The resort is a world in itself, dedicated to delivering paradise on a silver platter. Dine your way through 11 restaurants, sampling Balinese, Mexican, Italian, Chinese and Mediterranean flavours. Hop between the ultra-hip Kubu Beach Club, located on the resort's very own private, white-sand beach, and the 14 shimmering pools, or relax and recharge in the aquatonic heated salt-water hydrotherapy pool or AYANA Spa.

Discover our exclusive offer for AYANA Villas here.

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