Inspiration Explore Luxury Escapes’ Top Bucket-List Destinations for 2024   

Luxury Escapes’ Top Bucket-List Destinations for 2024   

June 5, 2023

From shrines and shinkansen in Japan to Sri Lanka safaris, these are our top bucket-list tour destinations of 2024, as chosen by our travel insiders. 

With an unprecedented diversity of destinations and extraordinary experiences available to satiate your wanderlust in 2024, there’s never been a better time to tick off your must-visit list. We asked Joshua (Josh) Landy – Luxury Escapes’ Head of Tours and travel fanatic – for the lowdown on the world’s top destinations and where to visit in the next 365 days. From witnessing the spectacle of Egypt’s ancient pyramids to dogsledding beneath Scandinavia’s dancing Northern Lights, wherever you’re eager to explore, we have you covered. 

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Iberian Peninsula: Spain, Portugal & Morocco 

shutterstock: Lisbon, Portugal

Positioned at one of the great crossroads of history, Spain, Portugal and Morocco each offer a dazzling range of experiences for the intrepid traveller. “It’s never been easier to explore each magical destination than on a grand tour of the Iberian Peninsula,” says Josh. Flamenco and midnight tapas feasts await in Granada, Spain, while Portugal hides eponymous wine tastings galore in Porto and countless cruise opportunities down the lazy Douro River. Finally, Morocco gifts endless architectural beauty, vivid spice souks and unforgettable evenings in Casablanca, Fez and bustling Marrakech.  

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shutterstock: miyajima

“There’s nowhere else like it,” says Josh, “especially in cherry blossom season.” The country is bursting with once-in-a-lifetime experiences; from Osaka’s neon-washed, food-filled streets to Sagano’s sprawling bamboo forests and Miyajima Island’s otherworldly shores, home to countless sacred deer.  Whether it’s ancient shrines and manga museums in Kyoto, book-shopping and Michelin-star omakase in Tokyo or Hiroshima’s unbelievably beautiful Peace Memorial Park, Japan is like a Harajuku vending machine – overflowing with possibilities. Travel in spring to see the city parklands ignite in a wave of pink as hanami season descends and thousands carouse throughout the day in a boozy celebration of the fleeting impermanence of beauty. 

Ready to book your Japan adventure? See it all on this 15-day tour of Japan and South Korea here.

South Korea 

shutterstock: seoul

Spectacle-filled days and soju-fuelled nights – South Korea’s astonishing blend of ancient tradition and modern innovation makes it an unrivalled tour destination. Famished foodies will adore Seoul’s culinary soul, backed by a seemingly endless parade of kimchi, tteokbokki and smoke-infused barbecue. “If you’ve done Japan, and you’re looking for more,” says Josh, “South Korea’s got to be on your list.” Don’t miss visiting the Imjingak Resort Unification Park for a unique glimpse into North Korea – from the park’s observation platform you can see the infamous ‘Propaganda Village’ ghost town.  

Hungry to explore East Asia’s best? Discover our 15-day tour of Japan and South Korea here. Plus, if you’re in Australia, direct flights are available.  


shutterstock: hoi an

Travel from Vietnam’s soothing south to its storied north and let the country’s rip-roaring spirit inspire you. It’s affordable, too, points out Josh: “There’s no better place to find luxury for less.” Explore floating communities and coconut groves in the Mekong Delta, wander through Hoi An’s lantern-strewn streets – steeped in history and offering some of the best banh mis in the world – and glide through the ethereal emerald waters of Ha Long Bay, surrounded by dramatic limestone cliffs and the occasional hardworking wooden junk boat.  

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shutterstock: egypt

Giza’s just the start of Egypt’s greatness – from pharaohs to the profound, this destination offers sights unlike any other. “Unparalleled history and a once-in-a-lifetime cultural immersion cement Egypt as the obvious choice,” says Josh. Cruise down the Nile, ancient life-bringer and still utterly spectacular. Soak up Egypt’s countless icons, including the pyramids and Sphinx, World Heritage-listed Abu Simbel and the tomb of Tutankhamun, the famous boy-king made divine. In Cairo, ancient City of a Thousand Minarets, donkeys rub shoulders with Mercedes-Benz and rambling street bazaars offer everything under the desert sun.  

After your own Nile Cruise experience? Check out our Egypt 9-day tour here.  

Scandinavia: Norway, Denmark and Sweden

shutterstock: norway

“Scandinavia’s perfect for explorers,” says Josh. “It’s completely different from the rest of Europe and the perfect place to see the Northern Lights.” Here, the volcano-strewn wilderness beloved by Vikings stands almost completely untouched; forested islands are surrounded by deep seas hiding frolicking whales, mighty glaciers dominate the horizon and each breath of fresh air tastes better than the last. The cities are no slouch either – some of the world’s most acclaimed fine dining can be found in Copenhagen, and Stockholm’s photogenic nature is near legendary. Plus, you can get around in one of the most unique ways on earth: via dogsled underneath the Northern Lights.  

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North America 

shutterstock: aspen, colorado, usa

“North America’s got it all,” says Josh, and he’s right – there's a tremendous number of must-visit destinations in the USA alone (with flights available from October at not-to-be-missed prices). A song of ice and fire takes on new meaning in the USA: if kicking up a flurry of the white stuff is your thing, the skiing in Utah and Colorado is unmatched, while the sun-kissed Hawaiian Islands dial up the heat with incomparable hikes, surf and culture. If cosmopolitan life is more your vibe, discover the world’s greatest art museums, galleries and restaurants in the city where the lights never go out or dim down – New York City. For a wander on the wild side, find lady luck in the heart of the Mojave Desert with a trip to Las Vegas and dance and dine your way through New Orleans’ monumental Bourbon Street, pulsing with neon lights, music and French aesthetic. Whatever you’re after, North America more than provides. 

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Sri Lanka 

For many travellers, Sri Lanka’s mysterious jungle monasteries, sprawling tea fields and fascinating history place it firmly at the top of the list. “Loads of new, wellness-focused hotels have been built recently... it’s never been easier to tour Sri Lanka,” says Josh. Savour a truly secluded safari adventure among the sand-rimmed lakes of Wilpattu National Park, home to elephants, leopards and spotted deer, or strike out to Sigirya, called ‘Lion Rock,’ a truly awe-inspiring granite fortress built atop an ancient magma plug, originally home to ascetics and royalty.  

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