Inspiration Destinations India Let it Rain: Best Hotels in India for the Monsoon Season 

Let it Rain: Best Hotels in India for the Monsoon Season 

June 30, 2023

It’s raining, it’s pouring, and monsoon in India is worth exploring. Make the most of the misty mountains, green hills and waterfalls with a stay at some of the best hotels in India. 

Cloudy skies, hot mugs of local tea and listening to your favourite melodies are what monsoons in India are made of. Watch as the downpour gives life to lush green mountains and hills in some of the most stunning parts of India. Witness the roaring waterfalls of Coorg and Chikmagalur, dance your cares away on a beach in Goa or listen to the pitter patter of rain on treetops while you’re high up in the mountains of Munnar. Here’s our list of the best monsoon destinations in India and the best hotels to stay in to experience the spectacle.  

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Waterfall-hopping in Coorg & Chikmagalur 

Abbey Falls.

One of the best places to witness the transformational magic of monsoon is Coorg. The coffee plantations fill the air with intoxicating aromas and the abundant greenery soothes the soul. It is the best time to visit magnificent waterfalls like Abbey Falls and Iruppu Falls.  

Hebbe Waterfalls and Mullayanagiri Peak in Chikmagalur during the rainy season look straight out of a dreamland; it’s fresh and lush and attracts many tourists during monsoon. Choose to hike through the landscape or enjoy long drives on hilly roads to take in the beauty of the surroundings. If you’d rather stay dry, watch the downpour while sipping a hot cup of Chikmagalur coffee. 

Where to stay: WelcomHeritage Ayatana Coorg for all-inclusive luxury and private waterfall access. 

Splish splash in Goa 

Dudhsagar Falls.

Watch the water droplets disappear into the Arabian Sea in the beach paradise of Goa. Visit wildlife sanctuaries and spice plantations, breathe in the scent of rain and feast your eyes on the verdant greens of Goa’s hills. While you’re here, head to Dudhsagar Falls and marvel at the beauty of monsoon rebirthing these falls every year. You might also like to stroll on the beach, enjoy a river cruise (weather dependent), and dig into yummy coastal delicacies during this magical season.     

Where to stay: Amritara Aura Resort & Spa Goa boasts a tranquil spa and yoga sessions. 

Lose yourself in the mountains of Munnar 

Rajamalai hills in Eravikulam National Park.

Munnar is the monsoon paradise in God’s Own Country, Kerala. Whether you choose to explore the tea plantations which are splashed with greenery or enjoy the views from Attukal Waterfalls, you’re guaranteed to be mesmerised.  

Eravikulam National Park is well worth a visit. See unique flora blooming in the lively environment, revived every year from the heavy downpour of the monsoons. Take in the scenery at the origin of the stunning Lakkom Waterfalls, right at the heart of the park! Beaches are fun to visit as you watch the rain drops create bubbles in the crashing waves. If you are looking for a fairy tale ambiance, the romantic vibe of Munnar is sure to delight.   

Where to stay: Enjoy the stunning mountain views and Munnar’s largest rooftop pool at Vibe Munnar Resorts & Spa

Lake-hopping in Udaipur 

Lake Pichola.

The City of Lakes – Udaipur – is a wonder to behold during monsoons. The endless lakes in the city invite you to enjoy scenic vistas and royal experiences during the rainy season: Take a boat ride on the famous Lake Pichola at sunset and watch the sky change colours like a kaleidoscope.  

Enjoy delectable Laal Maas in a restaurant by the lake for an incredible dinner with a view before heading to the Monsoon Palace and watching it come alive under cloudy skies like a white pearl. You can also explore the palace forts during this season as the cool breeze keeps you company while you walk through the gigantic architectural wonders. 

Where to stay: Experience five-star bliss and lake views at The Leela Palace Udaipur. 

Chase the clouds in Lonavala 

Bhushi Dam.

Lonavala makes for a monsoon getaway that is a big hit amid Mumbai folks thanks to its mist-covered hills, bubbling waterfalls and spectacular views. Visit to unwind, relax and enjoy the flavours of monsoon season.  

Tiger’s Leap offers unbeatable cliff views while Lion’s Point will leave you in awe when watching a rainy sunset. The famous Bhushi Dam is worth mentioning for its sheer beauty and popularity amid locals who love to be out and about during the rainfall. Ready, set, Lonavala! 

Get drenched in Cherrapunji 

Seven Sister Falls.

Rain, rain and more rain! Cherrapunji in Meghalaya is known for the highest rainfall records during monsoon season. Which is why it’s every pluviophile’s (rain lover’s) dream! Rain-soaked cliffs, serene valleys and rushing waterfalls will steal the show in this beautiful utopia. 

Go for rainy hikes, sample street food like tea and pakoras (fried snacks), and venture to spectacular waterfalls like Seven Sister Falls and Dainthlen Waterfalls. During monsoon this place has a dream-like setting.  

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