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How to Pick Your Italian City Escape

April 20, 2023

Whether you’re dreaming of carbonara pasta in Rome, gondola rides in Venice or shopping in Milan, find the perfect Italian city for you.  

Italy is abundant with history, world-famous cuisine, ancient archaeological sites and a long cultural heritage, so trying to narrow down exactly which city in Italy is right for you can be a mammoth task. Between the lovers flocking to Rome, the fashionistas strutting through Milan, the artists uncovering the legacies of Florence, and the pasta enthusiasts everywhere, discover the cities that call to you.  

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For the romantics: Rome 

For the travelling romantics, Rome is one of the most passionate cities in Italy. With dramatic architectural ruins and cuisine gifted by the gods, every inch of this city is filled with culture and inspiring art. Take in the romance of the city centre by indulging at the Romanico Palace Luxury Hotel & Spa, located in the historical heart of the ancient city. Wish for eternal love as you toss two coins into the Trevi Fountain, surprise your lover with a red rose on the Spanish Steps, and fall in love with authentic carbonara pasta, a beloved dish that originated here in Rome.  

Live out your gondola dreams: Venice 

The floating city of Venice will forever be a place of wonder, with picture-perfect scenes showcasing gondolas floating along the canals, cobblestoned courtyards, and delicately arched bridges. This water-bound metropolis has earned its place as one of Italy’s most beautiful cities. Reside on the banks of the canal at the elegant Baglioni Hotel Luna Venice, located in one of the most sought-after parts of Venice, just moments from St. Mark's Square and the Bridge of Sighs. Meander along narrow streets until you reach the magnificent golden mosaics of the Basilica di San Marco Cathedral, and witness the dignified palaces lining the Grand Canal to truly understand the city’s elegant beauty. Wander through St. Mark’s Square and admire the monumental space before stepping into a nearby restaurant to indulge in fresh seafood in Italy’s version of tapas, cicchetti.  

For the culture seekers: Florence 

Evidence of the Tuscan Renaissance sweeps through the streets of Florence at every turn, forming a stage for Italy’s finest historical art and cultural pieces. Florence is known as the birthplace of the Renaissance era, as well as some of the finest artists in history including Leonardo Da Vinci. This becomes evident as you explore the UNESCO World Heritage-listed city centre, which is easily accessible when staying at the lavish Leone Blu Suites | UNA Esperienze hotel, located on the banks of the Arno River. Soak up the cultural wonders radiating from the grand Florence Cathedral that towers over the cobblestoned streets, venture inside the marble Basilica of Santa Croce, and lay eyes on Michelangelo’s iconic Statue of David at the Accademia Gallery.  

For the fashionista: Milan 

Milan is the ultimate Italian city for the style guru, as it’s known as the fashion capital of the world. Looking stylish is not only an unspoken requirement of the city, but a way of life. Indulge your wildest high-fashion dreams by shopping the Quadrilatero d'Oro, Milan’s golden fashion district lined with the world-famous fashion houses of Armani, Prada, and Versace, only minutes from the heritage luxury at The Square Milano Duomo hotel. Located in the heart of Milan you have the delight of stepping directly into the flourishing hustle of legendary landmarks like the immense Duomo Cathedral, which was constructed over six centuries ago. What’s more, you can easily access the quieter countryside surrounding Milan, with the breathtaking Lake Como and peaceful Lake Garda both within two hours of the city. 

For past-a lovers: Naples 

Naples calls to the foodies and history buffs with its bold flavours and ancient history. Crafted from perfectly sweet, local tomatoes, the iconic Napolitana sauce was created here, and this alongside the Neapolitan pizza have made waves across the world’s culinary stage. Head to the classic pizzerias of 50 Kaló or Sorbillo to enjoy an authentic taste of your favourite pizza and pasta. Tear yourself away from the food for a moment to experience the archaeological wonders that are peppered throughout the city. Visit the National Archaeological Museum, Via San Gregorio Armeno, or take yourself to the rooftop bar of the boutique UNAHOTELS Napoli hotel to view Mount Vesuvius, famous for its ancient eruption that forever preserved Pompeii. 

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