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Bali's Best Spas for Wellness Enthusiasts  


Looking to unwind? Unlock a new level of relaxation at one of Bali's best spas and top-tier wellness retreats. 

Bali is one of the world’s top destinations for those seeking a relaxing retreat. With wellness and relaxation at the core of Balinese culture, there’s no better place to unwind than on this beautiful Indonesian island. Whether you’re a wellness enthusiast or simply looking to guarantee an hour or two of serenity on your next trip to Bali, our curated list of spas will have you soaking in a riverside bathtub, taking a yoga class in the jungle, or enjoying a traditional Balinese massage in no time. 

Where are Bali’s best wellness spas? 

We’ve found Bali's best spas for wellness enthusiasts. With spas dotted all over the island, you’ll be feeling healthy, fit, relaxed and de-stressed throughout your stay and long after you return home. Your only problem will be choosing which one to book.

Ulaman Eco Luxury Resort 

The spellbinding Ulaman Eco Luxury Resort is one of the most visually stunning wellness spas – think curved walls and bamboo structures, all designed to be at one with the resort’s jungle surrounds. It’s home to a bevvy of eco-friendly wellness services in an environment so exquisite and creative, it’ll take your breath away.  

The resort’s ‘U by Ulaman’ Riverside Spa is a domed wonderland with dazzling skylights, glass inlays and views of the winding river below. Make the most of the soothing treatments on offer, including multiple massage types, manicures and pedicures; take in the steam room and infrared sauna, or have a dip in the hot and cold plunge pools.  

The Tree House Spa, situated above the bubbling Ulaman waterfall, has been thoughtfully built around a huge banyan tree, considered to be of spiritual significance, giving the whole place a feeling of elvish magic. The Tree House has an extensive list of treatments – from reflexology and deep-tissue traditional Balinese massages combined with essential oils, to full-body scrubs and facials using natural and organic products. And for that truly ethereal touch, indulge in a botanical bathing experience in the spa’s stone bathtub by the riverside.  

This much pampering is sure to build up your appetite, and Ulaman’s E.A.R.T.H restaurant serves up mouth-watering organic fare from the resort’s own garden and nearby local farms.  

REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort Nusa Dua Bali 

Covering three hectares of rolling hills and teak forests, the serene REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort Nusa Dua Bali will bring a smile to your face and total rejuvenation to your body. With a name that translates as ‘I live again’ in Latin, REVĪVŌ offers services geared towards helping you rediscover yourself and unlock happiness.  

At REMISSIŌ, the resort’s holistic spa, you’ll be pampered with a number of traditional Balinese therapies designed to soothe every fibre of your being. Enjoy massages, aromatherapy, body wraps and scrubs, alongside hydrotherapy treatments, plunge pools, an infrared sauna and a steam room. The spa also offers half- and full-day spa circuits for the ultimate day of tranquility.   

NOCTURNŌ is REVĪVŌ’s sleep centre, providing guests with everything they need for a serene slumber – sleep education and butlers, and in-room sleep amenities, including carefully selected music and lighting. You’ll even enjoy foods known for assisting with restorative sleep. 

Finally, NŪTRIŌ restaurant and bar optimises your diet with fresh, organic and seasonal local food – as well as a few more decadent treats.

Maya Ubud Resort & Spa 

The awe-inspiring Maya Ubud Resort & Spa is a sanctuary hidden away in an idyllic forest valley between two rivers. The Spa by Maya Ubud will have you embarking on a sensory journey, with treatments including tropical rejuvenation facials incorporating fresh fruits and herbs, jet lag recovery therapy, hydrotherapy, massages and more.  

The resort’s wellness offerings use traditional and modern techniques to personalise the best experience for you. Bathe surrounded by nature as rose petals fill your tub. Unwind in the yoga studio nestled amongst the trees. Leave your worries behind and overlook the adjacent rice paddies as you enjoy award-winning fare in Maya Ubud’s selection of restaurants, each bringing wholesome, locally sourced ingredients to the table. 

The Samata by LifestyleRetreats 

Set amidst pristine manicured gardens with sweeping views over nearby rice paddies and the ocean beyond, The Samata by LifestyleRetreats is the ideal retreat for wellness enthusiasts. This luxury resort embodies serenity, with a harmonious combination of old and new wellness treatment types. 

The resort’s impressive spa and wellness facilities are staffed by expert therapists ready to soothe your soul with a selection of therapies derived from traditional Balinese treatments. The spa menu offers divine facial treatments and a range of indulgent massages, while the wellness program will keep you active and relaxed with yoga and meditation classes, pilates, guided sunrise walks and more available. If you’d like a personalised package, an assessment of your health, lifestyle and fitness levels will guide your tailored ‘health through harmony’ solution.  

After spending the day getting back into alignment, indulge in a delicious, organic and superfood-rich meal at Zenso, or a nightcap by the pool.  

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