Travelling with kids

Travelling with babies and children is something that gives even the most seasoned traveller a slightly uneasy feeling. The fear of losing sight of them in a busy airport or being the parent of the ‘screaming kid’ on a long-haul flight is enough to make anyone choose to stay close to home for their holidays.

Yet with a bit of planning and a few parent-smart tips, we hope you’ll be embracing your next overseas family adventure with no fear.

1 – Teach them your mobile number… or write it on an arm! 

This is a little tip that can go a long way if your child gets lost or needs to call you. Sing your phone number or chant it as a nursery rhyme to make it easy to memorise. If they are too young to memorise it, you can always write it on one of their arms when travelling to airports, busy amusement parks, beaches and cities.

2- Set a family meeting point

Just in case you get separated, agree on an easy and recognisable meeting point with your family. Make it obvious, like under a glowing neon billboard, inside a recognisable restaurant or next to a kiosk. A meeting point is especially useful for large, busy locations where it is easy to lose tiny people. 

3 – Don’t break the usual safety rules

Keep the same safety rules you apply at home when you are travelling. Bring life jackets and floaties if your kids use them at home and if you don’t allow them to wander off alone back home… don’t start doing it on a holiday. Maintaining the same safety rules and having some consistency will help your little ones develop a sense of awareness.

4 – Pack a medical kit 

This is a must for all parents. Always have a medical kit with you with the essentials in. Paracetamol, ibuprofen, antihistamines for allergic reactions, band-aids, anti-itching lotion, sunscreen and after sun, a thermometer and some bandages may all come in handy – even for the adults.

5 – Get immunised before travelling 

Make sure your kids are up-to-date with their immunisations, and if you are travelling to a country that requires specific ones, make sure the whole family is protected from any nasty potential diseases before you leave.  

6 – Get the best travel insurance for you and your family 

Whether you are travelling just a few hours from home or around the world, think about your travel insurance and what your needs are. Make sure you’re adequately covered in case of an emergency, a small accident, loss of luggage or flight cancellation.

7 – Be prepared

Kids will be kids – even on holiday! So, just be prepared for any emergencies and breathe, you will be just fine. Always bring snacks and water with you, a few toys and your child’s favourite book for comfort, and lastly… yes, some screen time is totally allowed when travelling with a screaming toddler – no judgement from us!


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