Singapore Airlines gets onboard with in-flight wellness initiatives


Singapore Airlines gets onboard with in-flight wellness initiatives

From dehydration to jetlag and swollen ankles, long-haul flights can take their toll on your wellbeing – which is why Singapore Airlines has partnered with wellness experts from around the globe to deliver a range of exciting wellness initiatives that focus on the health of its passengers.

In conjunction with the launch of its non-stop service between Singapore and Newark, New York (taking a mammoth 18 hours 45 minutes, making it the world’s longest commercial flight) in 2018, the airline teamed up with premiere integrative wellness brands Canyon Ranch to introduce health-focused onboard features. Soon after, the partnership was extended to other services from Singapore to Los Angeles and San Francisco, offering customers on some of the world’s longest flights, comprehensive wellness programmes featuring the best in wellness cuisine, rest, exercise, travel preparation and relaxation at altitude.

Seeing the benefits of these initiatives for long-haul travellers, Singapore Airlines announced in 2019 a partnership with Singapore-based wellness brand COMO Shambhala to further enhance the experience for customers on selected flights to destinations across the airline’s extensive network.

Here, we reveal what you can expect on a Singapore Airlines flight between Singapore and the US (and additional select routes for First, Business and Premium Economy Class travellers) – and how you can introduce these wellness initiatives into your future long-haul travel.


Wellness Cuisine – A focus on nutrition and hydration

Singapore Airlines flights between Singapore and the US serve meals focused on nutrition and hydration (taking into consideration longer flight duration with less body movement), combined with bold flavours and textures. Passengers can expect lean protein and plenty of vegetables, with dishes including zucchini pasta, organic chicken, ceviche and whole-wheat English muffins. The wellness menu developed by Canyon Ranch is offered in addition to the airline’s own meal selections and creations by its International Culinary Panel of some of the world’s most renowned chefs.

Through the airline’s partnership with COMO Shambhala, healthy dishes are on offer for First and Business Class passengers on select flights between Singapore and Hong Kong, as well as on select routes to Australia and Europe. Customers can look forward to a menu of healthy and flavourful dishes, each carefully tailored to nourish the body and alleviate travel-induced stresses and fatigue. Ingredients rich in antioxidants and micronutrients, such as kiwi, yoghurt, beetroot and strawberries, come together in immune-boosting dishes that will help customers feel refreshed, even after a long flight. Others aim to promote good digestion and circulation for a more comfortable journey.

Travel tip: Food served on long-haul flights is often carb-heavy and can leave you feeling sluggish and bloated. Come prepared with nutritious snacks, such as plain nuts, fruits and protein bars, plus a large bottle of water to help you stay hydrated.

Rest and Relaxation – Ambient lighting for better sleep

Getting good-quality sleep on a flight can be tricky – but Singapore Airlines has developed some clever ways to help you out. Specific light settings have been developed to provide better ambience for rest and relaxation across all cabin classes on Singapore Airlines’ longest flights, meaning you are more likely to arrive refreshed.

Travel tip: In addition to ambient lighting, you can find other ways to ensure a better sleep onboard. If you want to avoid people clambering over you while you snooze, pick a window seat. Make sure you also come prepared with an eye mask, earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones, and a travel pillow. What you eat and drink can also make a difference. While caffeine and alcohol can disrupt sleep, foods high in magnesium (such as almonds) are said to promote restful sleep.

Stretching – Guided exercises available onboard (and before you fly)

If you’ve ever stepped off a flight feeling stiff, sore and swollen, you will know the importance of moving during long-haul travel. Led by Canyon Ranch exercise physiologists, guided stretching exercises are accessible via personal seatback entertainment systems to promote relaxation on Singapore Airlines’ longest flights.

Travel tip: Download the Singapore Airlines app and check out the comprehensive selection of dedicated wellness articles in the e-Library. You’ll find tips on how to prepare for your journey, which exercises to do onboard and how to maintain healthy sleeping patterns when travelling between time zones.

Singapore Airlines’ wellness initiatives in partnership with Canyon Ranch are available on long-haul flights between Singapore and the US. COMO Shambhala’s healthy menu is available to First and Business Class passengers on select flights from Singapore to Hong Kong and select cities in Australia and Europe. Customers travelling in First, Business and Premium Economy Classes are also able to pre-select their main meal from the Book the Cook service with a special selection of healthy choices available on all routes from Singapore.


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