Have you ever been tempted to take a cruise? Many people associate cruising vacations with older travellers, but there are plenty of reasons for millennials to cruise as well. You might actually end up surprised by the fact that there are plenty of adventures available on a cruise ship!

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1. Cruises Are Only for Older People

Absolutely not! Today, cruise companies cater to diverse groups of people of all ages and with all interests. Activities are typically tailored to the general customer type for each sailing. If you book a mini cruise during spring break, for example, you’ll likely find that you’re surrounded by fun-seeking youngsters.

Whereas cruises that cater to families will generally have family-friendly shows and competitions, those that tend to attract a younger crowd may have drinking games like beer pong, karaoke, and more adult-themed options.

Be savvy when selecting your cruise and you’ll find that, actually, cruises are meant for everyone!

2. Cruises Are Expensive

Check out some prices and you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised to see how cost effective a cruise can be. Indeed, a cruise can offer much better value for money than trying to travel independently, especially when you consider the destinations visited, the array of onboard activities and the high standards of comfort. A cruise can be a pocket-friendly way of visiting new places, meeting new people, chilling out and having heaps of fun.

3. Cruises Are For People Who Have a Lot of Vacation Time

While there certainly are longer cruises available, there are also plenty of shorter cruises too. You could spend as little as two nights onboard your chosen ship and still make many incredible memories. Shorter cruises often sail at night time while people are sleeping or making the most of online bars and clubs. This lets you make the most of the daytimes. Whether you’re discovering a new destination or soaking up some sun by a pool, your days will be packed with fun. You certainly don’t need to spend weeks on a cruise liner, though.

4. Cruise Ships Are Huge and Impersonal

Sure, some cruise liners ARE massive, rather like a floating town or even city. But there are also those that are smaller, allowing you to get to know all of your fellow passengers with ease. Before booking any trip, check the maximum number of guests and choose a trip that best meets with your expectations.

Whether you opt for a huge cruise liner or a smaller vessel, cruising is a great way to meet new people and strike up new friendships. All guests are within reasonably close proximity, making it hassle-free to make friends to dine with, socialize with and explore with. With everyone on a similar schedule, mingling is fun!

Given that you would probably book a cruise that matches your interests, you can be assured that you’ll meet like-minded people with similar tastes to your own. No more hanging out in hostel dorms and travellers’ bars trying to meet travel buddies that you can gel with. Additionally, there’s no fear of making a new friend only to discover that they’re going their separate ways in just a couple of days.

5. You Need to Spend Endless Days at Sea

If you think that you need to spend many days at sea, gazing at the horizon and waves, think again! Of course, some itineraries, especially longer ones, do include a number of days at sea, but there are also cruises that cover relatively short distances. You may find that you’re off the ship more than you’re on it (when awake)!

When you ARE on the boat, you’ll find heaps to keep you more than occupied. There’s definitely no reason to stare at your cabin walls.

A great holiday for many people usually includes a variety of new experiences, sightseeing, and relaxation. A cruise makes enjoying your downtime easy, with a wide range of onboard entertainment facilities to suit most tastes. Ships may have a swimming pool and sunbathing deck, perfect for chilling out in hot weather.

There might even be an onboard cinema, casino, nightclub or spa—in fact, there almost definitely is. Cruise ships commonly have a selection of shops, restaurants, and bars, too, and there are scheduled activities every night. Honestly, it’s unlikely you’ll have even one dull moment on a cruise!

6. There’s Little Free Time On Dry Land

When you take a cruise it’s not just about life onboard the boat. Most cruises allow plenty of time to discover new places. Shore excursions offer the ideal way to explore interesting new destinations. There may be guided tour options or free time to spend as you wish.

Wander around new cities, discover ancient sites and enjoy the great outdoors. Some itineraries include excursions as standard, whereas others provide a choice of trips in each place, letting you fully tailor your cruise to suit your preferences.

Whether you want to spend your days basking on pristine beaches, shopping in vibrant cities, exploring historic and cultural sites, hiking in nature, experiencing a new culinary scene, snorkelling in the deep blue sea or something else entirely, you’re sure to find a cruise destination that’s cut out for your perfect vacation.

7. Mealtimes Consist of Boring Buffets

Many people think that cruises dish up the same food day in, day out, with an uninspiring buffet table to satisfy their hunger. While many cruises do offer buffet-style dining, the numerous choices and high-quality of the food doesn’t only satisfy; it delights.

There are often a la carte restaurants on a cruise ship too, and it’s not unusual to find gourmet cuisine and specialty fare.

A huge plus point is that when you take a cruise you never have to think too much about where to go for your next meal. There’s no need to roam the streets perusing an array of menus to avoid overpriced tourist traps. And, there’s no arguing between groups of friends about where to eat next.

8. Dinner is a Fancy Affair

Back in the day, cruises were often seen as lavish and extravagant, with passengers donning their best finery for dinner and vying for a spot at the Captain’s Table. Such cruise traditions do still exist on some routes and with some operators. It is not, however, essential on many sailings.

Today’s cruisers can find more relaxed and casual trips, where spending a small fortune on evening attire is certainly not needed. Of course, you should dress smartly for dinner, and not wander into any restaurant wearing your pool gear, but you don’t need to turn up in a tuxedo or evening gown either.

9. You’re Limited by the Onboard Nightlife

If you’re picturing the same dull cabaret show each and every night, you’re in for a treat when it comes to the nightlife on a cruise. As well as lively bars and clubs, there is varied entertainment come night time to appeal to the general age group on the ship. Book onto a cruise with a younger crowd and you’ll have a ball!

Alcoholic drinks are also included in some cruise packages, meaning that you can party without worrying about blowing your budget … or, finding your way “home”! Some operators offer drinks packages, letting you plan and save in advance.

Some itineraries also include nights docked in popular cities, letting you enjoy the local night scene in some of the world’s most hip and happening hotspots.

Why Cruises Can Be Great For Everyone

Racing from place to place with a backpack firmly attached to your body can be an exciting way of exploring the globe. But, it can also be exhausting, with all the planning, moving around, sleeping on night busses and so on. Wouldn’t it be nice to discover new places without all the hassle of planning the logistics yourself? A cruise lets you see various places without you needing to figure out transport.

Even seasoned backpackers sometimes long for an easier way of seeing the world. A cruise can be a great way to take time out of a hectic schedule and recharge without actually stopping traveling.

There’s no time lost searching for accommodations in every new place. You don’t need to worry about finding the best deal or hopping from hostel to hostel. You don’t need to constantly pack and repack. Plus, cruise cabins typically offer more luxury than a standard guesthouse, hostel or even mid-range hotel.

Some trips have specialist themes, letting you enjoy a vacation that caters to specific tastes. There are cruises for solo travelers, cruises for singles, romantic cruises, cruises for professionals and more.

Whether you’re looking for a fun getaway with a group of mates, a lovely time with your significant other or a fantastic vacation for one, why not give cruising a try?

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