November 13th, 2017
The Tours of Tomorrow: Hot Travel Trends for 2018

“Everybody wants to have a travel experience they can share at a dinner party.” – Luxury Escapes’ Head of Tours, Sonia Pilovska.

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Travelling as part of a tour group is the new black, and as the year nears an end it’s time to reflect on the highs of 2017 and the upcoming year of travel in 2018.

2017’s Hottest Travel Destinations

2017 saw Aussie travellers craving those once-in-a-lifetime experiences like never before with tours to lesser-known locations in high demand. Hot destinations included Puglia, Sri Lanka, Mongolia and Myanmar with gourmet tours and immersive local experiences are appearing on the very best itineraries.

What’s Hot for 2018

Everybody secretly wants to share a travel story where nobody can jump in and say “I loved it when I went there”. As countries develop, it’s getting easier to wander off the beaten path and that’s what 2018 will be all about. It will be the year of unknowns and for Luxury Escapes’ Head of Tours Sonia Pilovska this means destinations like Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Iran, Georgia, Romania, Cyprus and Ethiopia will be making waves.

“Australian travellers have become savvier with travel, so expect more than cookie-cutter experiences. Tours have to offer travel with a difference – unique experiences, insider access, local dining, immersion – but all done in a luxurious way,” Pilovska says.

Unique Travel Experiences

At Luxury Escapes, we’re always pushing to be ahead of the curve with experiences you won’t find in a guidebook. Over the past year we’ve sent travellers on the most sought-after cruise through Cambodia and Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, plunged into Slovenia for dinner served by the world’s best female chef, and rode through the steppes of Mongolia with locals carrying their eagles on camel-back. Our next big thing? Private jet tours – the ultimate in luxury. Stay tuned!

Sneak Peek: 2018

Next year, we’ll continue to offer luxury small-group tours to our favourite places around the world such as China, Morocco, Sri Lanka and Africa, but we’ll be stepping things up a gear with all new experiences like foodie tours in the Balkans, gorilla trekking in Uganda, barge cruises through Scotland’s enchanting canals and of course, private jet tours.