December 22nd, 2017
Star-Studded Summer Holidays

We caught up with some of our favourite Aussie celebs to find out where they love to spend their summer holidays. From fresh mangoes in Townsville to a bubbly glass of Aperol Spritz in Italy, it turns out even high-flying jet-setters relish the simple pleasures in life… and sometimes the best souvenir is a tan.

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Alex Perry: Greece

Fashion powerhouse and design icon, Alex Perry, has a career that takes him all around the world and while Hong Kong and Miami make his list of favourite places, for Perry, nothing tops Greece and a great summer climate.

“I do love Hong Kong. I go there a lot for work, so I always try and tag a few extra days on to get some shopping in and enjoy the amazing food,” he says.

“But in terms of the best holiday, it would be Greece. I’m Greek, so whenever we go back, it’s the best.”

When it comes to planning a holiday, Perry says climate and sunshine are the deciding factors.

“Because I travel a lot for work, I don’t have much say in what that is. But if it’s for a holiday… I recently went to Miami and I loved it because the climate is amazing, where you can stay is beautiful and the food is great.

“But on the whole, the climate is probably the most important thing. If I go on holidays I want to get a tan.”

Georgia Love & Lee Elliot: Italy

If you follow Georgia Love and Lee Elliott on Instagram, chances are you were suffering some serious travel envy during their recent trip to Italy.

“Positano is my favourite place in the world and it’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to take Georgia. Now it’s her favourite place in the world too,” shares Elliott.

And he’s not wrong, with Love quick to confirm that she’s absolutely smitten with the coastal gem.

“It was my first time there and it was amazing. It was a beautiful time, we were there completely on holiday – there was nothing we had to do or anywhere we had to be.”

The incredibly photogenic couple (seriously, check out their Instagram accounts if you don’t believe us) found an equally perfect backdrop when they stayed at NH Collection Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi, a place they say has an unbeatable view.

“At the hotel we stayed at, you open up these big bi-fold doors and it overlooks all of Positano. It’s the most epic view in the world,” explains Elliott.

And the best thing about Italy? The pair agree it’s “all the pasta, all the pizza and all the Aperol Spritz.’

Rachael Finch: Queensland

As someone with two small children and a job that requires a lot of travel, presenter and fitness guru Rachael Finch knows a thing or two about family-friendly holidays.

“Trips within Australia are always great – like Byron Bay and heading home to Townsville,” she says.

For those wanting to venture further afield, Finch recommends nearby countries with short flight times.

“I love Thailand and Fiji just because it’s easy to manage with the kids and the travel time isn’t too long.”

And while travel is always a bonus, when it comes to the best holiday she’s ever had, Finch admits there is no place like home.

“The best holiday would have to be Christmas in Townsville. For me, going back to Queensland is heaven. Fresh mangoes, sitting out on the deck and lots of sunshine. It might take 20 minutes to order your coffee in the morning, but that’s okay. We just go with the flow.”